VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Experience – This book covers all Horizon Suite (Workspace, Mirage and View) concerning planning, implementation and examples. It’s published by VMware press and the author are Paul O’Doherty and Stephane Asselin.

horizon_pLooking at the content gives you already the idea whats in. Three VMware products within the Horizon suite are covered.

The VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User Experience book covers latest versions of Workspace (1.8), View (v6.0) and Mirage (v5.0). For example, the details talks about View configuration of graphics, like Soft 3D and SVGA, vSGA and vDGA or integration with Microsoft Lync server.

Also I’ve seen quite a few chapters on tuning the PCoIP protocol’s parameters, using the bandwidth, checking out the connection latency or packet loss. Also there is a chapter on VMware View Planner utility. A complete section is also highlighting external software like Xangati VDI dashboard, VMware vCenter Operation Management for View, Liquidware labs Stratosphere and taking a look at the overall performance.

The book has 12 chapters (over 400 pages) and 2 appendix with Design questionnaire worksheet and Horizon network ports.


Essential Virtual SAN (VSAN): Administrator’s Guide to VMware Virtual SAN – Cormac Hogan (@cormacjhogan) and Duncan Epping (@duncanyb) are the authors of new book which has been released recently. Ben Fathi (CTO of VMware) and Charles Fan (SVP of VMware R&D) did wrote a foreword. By reading the foreword I learned that VSAN as a product was practically ready in June 2013, to be part of the vSphere 5.5, but finally delayed and GA as you already know just few months back with the release of vSphere 5.5 Update 1 earlier this year (March 7).

Essential Virtual SAN (VSAN)I’ve heard few times recently that VMware VSAN is what vMotion was 10 years ago for VMware. It’s truly revolutionary product which is capable to turn any vSphere system into hyper-converged storage solution. VSAN is part of ESXi kernel module, it’s baked in. Cormac and Duncan working in the VMware storage team has had a good idea to wrote a book about it!

There is 10 chapters in the book which full name is Essential Virtual SAN (VSAN): Administrator’s Guide to VMware Virtual SAN. Those 10 chapters are covering most of what  of VSAN has to offer and what an IT admin has to know from the design perspective, but also management and troubleshooting perspective.

The book is available at the major online shops like Amazon, Safari etc. The electronic version is already available now for $41.99. The paperback version shall be available later but you can already pre-order now.

VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials by Jonathan Frappier. This book is up to date guide for VMware administrators willing to start learning VMware technology from the ground up. Jonathan Frappier is an experienced IT professional who holds an advanced VMware certifications like VCAP5-DCD and who writes with passion.

VMware vSphere Management EssentialsThe book is destined to administrators wanting to learn about VMware vSphere and its resources management and automation tools within vSphere.  It’s a nice topic since everyone does know on how to create and optimize single VM or VMs, but not everyone know how-to manage all the resources present in a cluster or datacenter.

The book isn’t very long to read as it only has 4 chapters, but I liked the format where the author present a feature and right after he gives you an examples with screenshots how-to use it in real life! This is not simple theoretical or technical guide, but Jonathan shares his experience and tips that he has learnt so far with vSphere so it’s very valuable.
You can find this book at PACKT Publishing website here – VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials. Or you can also find the book at Amazon.

Learning Veeam Backup and Replication for VMware vSphere.  New book that has been written by a fellow blogger Christian Mohn (@hobbel). The book was published under Packt publishing but is available also through major online stores like Amazon. Printed or Kindle versions are available.

Learning Veeam Backup and Replication for VMware vSphereThe book is destined for VMware administrators who is looking to protect virtual infrastructure by using one of the leading backup and replication solutions on the market for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

The book focuses on VMware vSphere and gives useful tips from before, during and after the setup. Describing the prerequisites which needs to be met for successful deployment and after the daily management.


VMware  vSphere PerformanceVMware vSphere Performance – New book has just been published. The authors are well known in VMware virtualization communities – Matt Liebowitz, Christopher Kusek, Rynardt Spies.

7 Chapters: Performance Design, Building Your Toolbox, The Test Lab, CPU, Memory, Network, Storage.

I looked into the content on Amazon. A test lab design is there. How and why to design a test lab and which tools to use for capacity planning, performance analysis,  performance benchamrks or performance simulation tools. The book is available at Amazon as Printed or as Kindle edition.

Networking for VMware Administrators by VMware Press. Chris Wahl is one of the bloggers out there which is very active and does killer content. He is datacenter guy with VCDX title and great speaker and teacher.

Networking for VMware administratorsThe new upcoming book will allow someone who isn’t very strong on networking skills to become VMware admin with networking operational skills capable to talk and work with specialized networking teams in large datacenters.

The content is geared towards someone who has zero experience with networking to help set a level playing field. The book is available now at Amazon and will have 350 pages!

Check it out!!!


VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials

If you’re Certified by VMware, you can get 30% off the price for selected VMware Books which were released via VMware Press at Use discount code VMWARECERT at checkout.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials – There is a new book in town! This book is about VMware vCenter Operations and is written by Lauren Malhoit and reviewed by some great IT guys like Chris Wahl, Michael Poore and Mike Preston. The book which was released with Packt Publishing, is available now through many of the Online stores as Paperback or Kindle.

You’ll learn not only how-to install and configure VCOps but also how to troubleshoot issues or miss-configurations in your virtual environment, reclaim wasted space or understand what’s happening under the hood by deeply monitoring your VMware vSphere environment. The VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials book is here to help IT admins to use this product to its full potential.

As you know the vCOPs standard is part of the vSphere starting vSphere Standard edition. There are 3 editions of vCOPs – Standard, Advanced and Enterprise, but also the initial Foundation one. The licensing is Per-CPU or per pack of VMs.

Learning PowerCLILearning PowerCLI – There is a new book for VMware administrators willing to enter the learning process of PowerCLI. This is not the first book on PowerCLI as I know at least another one which I reviewed a while back –  PowerCLI Book (VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference) If you’re not aware, check this post.

The book I’m referring to today is called simply Learning PowerCLI and it’s  written by a Dutch guy Robert van den Nieuwendijk (blog) who works as a freelance senior systems engineer.

You’ll learn about PowerCLI from the very beginning – by Installing the PowerCLI module and connecting to your vCenter server etc. Then the learning process continue. How-to work with host profiles, configure virtual switches, remove snapshots, configure Storage DRS, work with affinity rules, configure alarms, manage roles and permissions.  The book is available through Amazon as a paper book or as a kindle version.

VCP-Cloud Official Certification Guide

VCP-Cloud Official Cert Guide presents you with an organized test-preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques.

New book by VMware Press, with DVD allowing to learn towards VCP Cloud exam. The authors Tom Ralph and Nathan Raper who works as a senior cloud service architect at VMware.

The paper book shall be released the 31st of October and contains a DVD with testing software, whether the kindle edition is already out. But the kindle edition does not contain the testing software.

“Do I Know This Already?” quizzes open each chapter and enable you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly.

  • Master VMware VCP-Cloud exam topics
  • Assess your knowledge with chapter-opening quizzes
  • Review key concepts with exam preparation tasks
  • Practice with realistic exam questions on the DVD

VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test

VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition – for VMware admins willing to prepare to pass VCAP5-DCD (datacenter design), there is a new book written by Paul McSharry (VCI).  There are two editions of this book available where the paper one has a DVD included with Pearson IT Certification Practice Test engine. The eBook has an online access to the software. The paperback version at the time of writing has not been released yet. Pre-order now for $32.99 ($54.99).  The kindle (PDF) version ($ 33.34) is available. The book is published by VMware Press.

The eBook allows downloading the test engine to your computer. Then you need to install and activate it. The Exam Test Engine from Pearson allows several testing modes. A Study mode, practice exam or flash cards. The study mode present itself as set of questions (you can limit the number of questions or the time you wish to spend), where the exam mode present you with 100 questions and you got 1h30 to complete the test. In total the selection is from 250 built-in questions which can get updated online, together with the rest of the exam.
Virtualizing Microsoft Business Critical Applications on VMware vSphere

Virtualizing Microsoft Business Critical Applications on VMware vSphere – New book by VMware press. This book written by Matt Liebowitz and Alex Fontana guides you and gives you tips for virtualizing Microsoft business critical applications on VMware vSphere.

The book is available from Amazon as a Paperback ($40.74) or Kindle edition ($41.99) and covers advanced topics such as Microsoft AD, SQL, Sharepoint or Exchange in virtual environments under VMware vSphere. You’ll get detailed info about the planning phase, the setup , but also what’s happening on those critical apps during backups.

PowerShell Deep Dives

PowerShell Deep Dives – This new book diving very deep into powershell with a large number of authors from the PowerShell community. One of the authors is Jonathan Medd, which is also co-author of another book called VMware PowerCLI Reference. I’m sure you know this book too. PowerShell is used in Windows administration for many years and it evolved to a point, where you don’t ask yourself why using it, but how to get started effectively and what resource to have.

The PowerShell Deep Dives book has a quite volume – 464 pages. It’s not a book which you’ll read in two days, but I would consider it as a long term investment. The book is divided into four parts with a total of twenty eight chapters.  The paper book can be pre-ordered at Amazon with nice discount – $17.15 (34%). The book’s normal price there is $49.99.

vSphere High Performance Cookbook – written in a practical, helpful style with numerous recipes focusing on answering and providing solutions to common, and not-so common, performance issues and problems.

vSphere High Performance CookbookWhat you’ll learn in this book?

  • Understand VMM Scheduler, Cache aware CPU Scheduler, NUMA Aware CPU Scheduler, and so on during CPU Performance Design
  • Learn about the virtual memory reclamation technique, monitoring host ballooning, and swapping activity
  • Get to grips with different vSwitch load balancing, considerations for checksum offloading, VMDirectPath I/O, and so on
  • Understand DRS algorithms, resource pool guidelines, SIOC threshold consideration, SDRS and its affinity/anti-affinity rules in DRS, SDRS, and resource control design
  • Scale up and scale out cluster design for performance, FT and its caveats, application monitoring, DPM, host affinity/anti-affinity rules
  • Design your vSphere storage based on various workloads and FC storage for best performance
  • Choose the right platform while designing your vCenter Server, redundant vCenter design, vCenter SSO and its deployment

The book is currently in pre-order at Amazon – vSphere High Performance Cookbook – and also at other online bookstores. The publisher is PACKT Publishing.

VMware vSphere Design - Second Edition

VMware vSphere Design (2nd Edition) – By Forbes Guthrie and Scott Lowe. A vCloud Director Chapter by Kendrick Coleman. What can you do at the start of a virtualization deployment to make things run more smoothly? If you plan, deploy, maintain, and optimize vSphere solutions in your company, this unique book provides keen insight and solutions. From hardware selection, network layout, and security considerations to storage and hypervisors, this book explains the design decisions you’ll face and how to make the right choices.

Written by two virtualization experts and packed with real-world strategies and examples, VMware vSphere Design, Second Edition will help you design smart design decisions.

This is a second edition.

VMware Thinapp Essentials

VMware Thinapp 4.7 Essentials – by Peter Björk, EMEA Horizon and ThinApp Specialist Systems Engineer at VMware, from Sweden. You’ll be able to learn not only the best methods to deploy ThinApp packages, their maintenance, upgrading and troubleshooting, but also the application linking. What is one of the most important. Paperback : 256 pages but also kindle version available.

The book Thinapp 4.7 Essentials has just been published by Packt publishing but it’s also available through Amazon – Paper: VMware Thinapp 4.7 Essentials or Kindle.


The Official VCP 5 Certification Guide – This book was published by VMware Press and the author is Bill Ferguson who is technical trainer/consultant (VCI). His principal goal in this book is to prepare you for passing the VCP510 Exam. The book is based around the blueprint PDF which is the main guide for the preparation. Checkout the New VMware certification roadmap. Available as a Kindle edition ($23.99) or paper edition ($31.49), The Official VCP5 Certification Guide book is available at Amazon.

Virtualization Change EverythingVirtualization Changes Everything – New Book by Vaughn Steward and Michael Slisinger. This new book has been written by Vaughn Steward andMichael Slisinger. Vaughn Steward works as a Director for Cloud Computing Solutions at NetApp. He is also a virtualization evangelist for NetApp and shares his thoughts on the role of storage with cloud computing on his blog, Michael Slisinger works as a Global Cloud Solutions Architect for NetApp.

The Intro of the book written by Stephen Herrod (former VMware CTO) and Duncan Epping (VMware Architect). Virtualization Changes Everything sells in two editions:  Kindle Edition – $11.99  Paper Edition – $19.95

VMware vSphere 5 - Building a Virtual Datacenter by VMware PressVMware vSphere 5® Building a Virtual Datacenter (VMware Press Technology) That’s the point of this book, which has at first has been published in French, and now translated into English.

Eric Maillé and René-Francois Mennnecier are the authors of this book. Both authors are VMware vExperts and works at EMC. The book has been published by VMware Press.

Datacenter virtualization consultants Eric Maillé and René-François Mennecier begin by introducing vSphere 5 from the viewpoint of the datacenter manager and professional. They present essential definitions, advantages, and functions; review vSphere 5’s architecture; and introduce core components such as vCenter Server and ESXi 5.0.

The paperbook sells for $31.14. There is also a kindle edition which sells for $21.79. In my oppinion, for a book of this quality it’s quite cheap.

VMware VIew 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions

VMware View 5 Desktop Virtualization Solutions – This book from Jason Langone and Andre Leibovici is available through Amazon since recently. Andre Leibovici has recently started to work for VMware in the Office of the CTO.

Andre is also an author of free online tool called VDI calculator, which readers of ESX Virtualization know quite well, since I regullary publish news and updates for this tool. The blog post about the latest version – 2.8 which is can be used for VMware View 5.1, can be found here.

This book is a complete guide to planning and designing a solution based on VMware View 5. You’ll learn to secure your Visual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by having firewalls, antivirus, virtual enclaves, USB redirection and filtering and smart card authentication. You’ll be able to analyze the strategies and techniques used to migrate a user population from a physical desktop environment to a virtual desktop solution. Get your copy at Amazon.

Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere® Deployments

Managing and Optimizing vSphere Deployments – New book by Sean Croockston (VCAP-DCA, VCAP-DCD) and Harley Stagner (VCDX 3 and VCDX 4) was released by VMware Press.

The book is a guide to vSphere deployment and optimization. In chapter 6 for example you’ll be able to see a Full case study, which explores the design from its inception to the implementation. You then explore the reasons for the design decisions along the way.

The book is available through Amazon as Paperback ($24) or kindle edition ($17). It should be a very good resource guide for preparation for VCAP exam. Get your copy of Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere® Deployments on Amazon.

Mastering VMware vSphere 5 – Virtualization is hotter than ever. VMware vSphere is the most widely deployed virtualization platform, and this indispensable book by VMware vExpert and VCDX Scott Lowe is your key to harnessing the newest version.

You’ll learn how to install, configure, operate, manage, and secure the latest release. Using step-by-step instruction and real-world examples, he takes you under the hood of VMware vSphere 5 and shows you how to get the very most out of all its components. Learn how to install, configure, operate, monitor, secure, and automate your virtual infrastructure from a leading expert and with the leading virtualization solution. Available at Amazon.. Read more…

VMware vSphere Clustering Deep DiveVMware vSphere 5 Clustering Technical Deep Dive – Zooms in on three key components of every VMware based infrastructure and is by no means a “how to” guide. It covers the basic steps needed to create a vSphere HA and vSphere DRS cluster and to implement vSphere Storage DRS. Even more important, it explains the concepts and mechanisms behind HA, DRS and Storage DRS which will enable you to make well educated decisions.  Sells for $16.47 at Amazon with also a kindle version available here.

This book will take you in to the trenches of HA, DRS and Storage DRS and will give you the tools to understand and implement e.g. HA admission control policies, DRS resource pools, Datastore Clusters and resource allocation settings. On top of that each section contains basic design principles that can be used for designing, implementing or improving VMware infrastructures and fundamental supporting features like (Storage) vMotion, Storage I/O Control and much more are described in detail for the very first time.

New Book - Professional vSphere 5

Professional vSphere 5: Implementation and Management – This book is written by John Hales, Brian Eiler and Steve Jones. The book will be published in near future, but you can already order your copy now. VMware vSphere 5 , is VMware’s first cloud operating system. Building on the power of VMware Infrastructure, VMware vSphere 5 reduces capital and operating costs, and increases control over IT infrastructures while preserving the flexibility to choose any OS, application and hardware.

This book provides vSphere administrators with essential guidance in implementing and managing VMware’s vSphere product suite. This guidance has been battle tested in virtual environments big and small. It also provides actionable advice for the day to day operational maintenance and common pitfalls to avoid for first time vSphere administrators. Best of all, the companion DVD contains an introductory version of Train Signal’s vSphere training DVD that provides additional hours of vSphere training. Read more – >

Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 by Mike Laverick - VMware Press

Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 – VMware Press Technology – The book is written by Mike Laverick, who is a long time writer and publisher, also blogger famous for his “Chinwags”…

SRM 5 introduced new features and functions: The planned migration, a really interesting feature when you just press a button when you see the hurricane coming…. -:). Otherwise, in the case of planned migration there are hours to prepare the move. The planned migration is a much cleaner migration process with no data loss compared to the DR migration plan.

VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0. Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 is a complete guide to using SRM 5.0 with both VMware and third-party products. Internationally respected VMware instructor Mike Laverick is singularly well-qualified to write this book: he has published books on SRM 1.0 and 4.0, and hosts one of the world’s most successful VMware tutorial sites.

Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 5.0 - by Mostafa Khalil

Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 5.0 – by This book is written by Mostafa Khalil and is oriented on the vSphere Storage. There has been many new features introduced in vSphere 5, I presented some of them, like the VMFS 5 which has been introduced in vSphere 5, in my blogpost here. But there is much more: Storage DRS or SDRS, Profile Driven Storage and VASA, Datastore Clustering , VMFS5, additional VAAI capability and Storage IO Control improvements…. Learning all this with a book published by VMware press could be just easier…. And this shows the importance that VMware puts accent on good and quality published books.

Storage Design and Implementation in vSphere 5.0 – by VMware press. It’s in available at Amazon.

VMware-vSphere-PowerCLI-referencevSphere PowerCLI Reference – Luc Dekens, Alan Renouf (alias Virt-U-Al), Glenn Sizemore, Anrim van Leishout, Jonathan Medd. I also got a copy and I did a review of the book which you can read on this blog post here. And below a sample review from Amazon.

Although I know vSphere inside out I am a novice when it comes to PowerCLI. The main reason being that I never gave myself the time to actually learn PowerCLI as I figured I could do things faster using the UI. Although this might be true in some cases the first thing the book tought me was that my perception was wrong.

The book shows you how to optimize your day-to-day operations by taking advantage of what PowerCLI has to offer out of the box, but it also teaches you how to create your own functions. The amount of examples in there in terms of PowerCLI scripts are such a valuable asset that I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning PowerCLI and/or optimizing their operational procedures. Get more details here.

Maximum vSphere

Maximum vSphere – Eric Siebert, Rich Brambley and Simon Seagrave did a good job by writing this book which brings in some best how-to tips on managing, installing, administering or backing up of a VMware vSphere Infrastructure.

A sample review from Amazon:

This is covering from all levels of skills Beginner,Intermediate and Experts. The day I received this book I couldn’t find time to read it, but the day I started reading this book I couldn’t find time for other activities. I am going to add more and more vsphere(Under Development) to my website […] based on the knowledge I am gaining from this book. I personally recommend to any folks trying to have a overall and performance insight of vsphere-4,4.1. Thanks to Eric Siebert and his team for getting this book out with most valuable information at the right time.


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