Best Freeware utilities and WP plugins in 2012

After the Deadline - Spellchecking plugin

I wanted to share some best system tools which are freeware utilities and which I discovered in 2012. Also in this post you’ll find some WordPress plugins that I recommends. I’m principally blogging about virtualization, but this post would fit rather into system admin/Wordperss category. Still, can be useful for all system admins or virtualization [...]

7 Tips for troubleshooting vSphere 5


Update: This pdf is no longer available. Please check out my Free Technical PDF page where are the latest and the best! This 9 pages PDF called 7 Tips for troubleshooting vSphere 5 – from Global Knowledge will show you simple ways to troubleshoot vSphere 5. You’ll see how to check your storage performance, network [...]

Monthly Drawing – Register to win your dream lab

VEEAM Dream Lab

Having a home lab for learning virtualization is a necessity. You can install, break down, re-install, test, rebuild. You can do a lot of testing by having your own homelab. Unfortunately not every one can afford it, so the preferred way is still nested virtualization All in one box. VMware Workstation or ESXi 5.1 free version are [...]

WordPress 3.5 Released

Wordpress 3.5 - What's new?

A new version of the most popular blogging software has been released. It’s called Elvin, in honor to drummer Elvin Jones. The new version of WordPress 3.5 brings streamlined UI which adapts itself to the retina’s high resolution MAC displays. The icons that hasn’t been very sharp and clear on those displays looks now really sharp. The [...]

Converged Storage: A Next Gen Virtualized Architecture

HP Converged Storage - A Next Gen Virtualized Architecture

[Sponsored] – Converged Storage: A Next Gen Virtualized Architecture. There is new document available in my Free Virtualization Content section, which informs about converged storage for virtualization architecture. This PDF document sponsored by HP and Intel, show you with some real case examples, that traditional storage hits it’s limits. Usually because the traditional storage arrays [...]

VMware I/O Analyzer updated – what’s new?

VMware IO Analyzer

VMware I/O Analyzer 1.5 Released at VMware Labs Website. VMware I/O analyzer is a free tool from VMware Labs website. The free tools coming from VMware Labs website are often called “flings”. You can interact with other users of this tool in the VMware IO Analyzer Community, where you’ll be able to find the tutorial [...]

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 Free available

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 - Free utility for multi-hypervizor environments

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 adds Hyper-V support. vKernel released an update to their free utility called vOps Server Explorer. I’ve reported several times on that free tool and the value it brings to the community. You could probably read my article on the previous release of vOps Explorer 5.1 here or this one - Free Tool – [...]