ESXi Free vs Paid – What are the differences?

ESXi Free vs Paid

Fairly often new people discovering VMware asking this questions: Esxi free vs paid? What’s the difference? While for many folks, VMware certified people, and others, this question (and especially the answer) is obvious, the new people who just discovered virtualization, might want to know exactly. That’s why this post.  At first you might want to read […]

PowerShell 3.0 Cheat Sheets – learn quickly some tips and tricks


There is 5 PowerShell 3.0 Cheat Sheets available as a free download from Microsoft. If you’re IT sysadmin, you certainly started using PowerShell here or there. If not, you have an occasion to learn some quickly some tips and tricks, shortcuts, and common operations in the new Windows Powershell 3.0. So for example, in the first […]

Splunk App For Windows Server


New release of Splunk App for Windows server is available.  This product is designed for Windows servers, where version 2003, 2008 or 2012 servers are currently supported releases, but can be installed also on client machines running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. This new release introduces new dashboard for distributed environments, with customizable performance […]

How to find inactive computer accounts in Active Directory


From time to time you might need to clean up the Active Directory from computer accounts which are no longer active. Computers that has been reinstalled, replaced with new ones, old VMs. In many of those case you’ll might just end up with active directory full of computer objects that are obsolete. In fact those […]

Download VMware vCenter Multi Hypervizor Manager 1.1 (beta)

VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager (MHM)

Having the possibility manage vSphere and Hyper-V v3.0 seems exciting for homelabers and users willing to run vSphere with Microsoft Hyper-V in the same environment with a possibility to manage both with single tool – VMware vCenter. This becomes possible thanks to new beta release of VMware vCenter Multi Hypervizor Manager 1.1 (beta). The product is […]

VMware vCenter 5.1 Pre-Install Check Script released – New Fling


A new fling called vCenter 5.1 Pre-Install Check Script made its apparition at VMware Labs. A very usefull tool for consultants, IT or datacenter admins, which makes the life of upgrades a bit easier… -:). The vCenter 5.1 Pre-Install Check Script is a PowerShell script which check your current environment before upgrading to the latest vSphere 5.1 […]

Guacamole – HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop


Guacamole is an HTML 5 web application which enables you to access remote desktop via browser. It’s a HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop web application. There are no plugins or software needed on the client side and that’s the principal advantage over traditional remote access solution. Guacamole uses HTTP or HTTPS protocols only, so it’s ideal when wanting […]

Nice Update – VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.1 (beta)

VMware vCenter Converter 5.1

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.1 supports Virtual Hardware version 9, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.04 and RedHat 6.0. Also, support for EXT4 as a linux file system is supported. First to note, the software is still in beta, but available as a Free Download (VMware-converter-en-5.1.0-1023810.exe : File size:170 MB). Update: 24/06/2013 – Check out my […]

VMware Best Practices on NFS – get this new PDF


This new whitepaper from VMware discusses best practices for design and deployments on NFS. Whether you’re using iSCSI or NFS, both protocol and storage devices must be correctly configured to obtain the best performance. In this whitepaper VMware Best Practices on NFS  are discussed. You’ll learn what’s the best ways to setup load balancing. If […]