How to Delete Libraries in Windows 7 easily with free tool

How to delete windows 7 libraries

Windows 7 is good OS, but there is one feature that I don’t like. It’s the Libraries which are always on the way. It’s been a long time since I wanted get a post done which explains step by step how to delete libraries in Windows 7. How to get rid of libraries? The thing is […]

vFlash Read Cache Performance PDF (vFRC) – vSphere 5.5


New whitepaper which has been released by VMware brings details about new feature present in vSphere 5.5 – vFlash Read Cache (VFRC). I already reported on the details about VFRC in my article – VMware vSphere 5.5 vFlash Read Cache. The paper brings more details about vFlash Read Cache Performance through much deeper testing with different workload […]

Zentyal Linux 3.2 released

Zentyal 3.2 Release

I’ve reported about Zentyal Linux few months back and showed two types of installs (prepackaged and on the top of Ubuntu server). I found that this Linux distro is interesting enough for small, or very small businesses. Its Ubuntu Server based distribution which uses an GUI front-end for easy administration. This is interesting for people […]

Performance best practices for vSphere 5.5 – technical PDF


VMware vSphere 5.5 is officially GA since few days. The whole vCloud suite starts to leverage Flash features (vFlash read cache) and upcoming VSAN. VSAN really is something that’s transforming the classic shared storage market and shared storage approach in design.  VSAN is discussed briefly in the pdf Performance best practices for vSphere 5.5. I’m planning […]

Nlite alternative for Windows 8 and Windows 7 – WinReducer 8

WinReducer 8 - Freeware for reducing ISOs before install for Windows 8

Everyone knows Nlite, right? Nlite is tool for reducing the size of original Windows ISOs, but the software hasn’t been updated yet for Windows 7 or Widnows 8. Good news, the developer is working on it. With such a tools you can basically strip some options directly from the ISO and install more lightweight system. […]

vSphere Best Practices on iSCSI – Deployments and Design

vSphere Best Practices on iSCSI

Newly updated white paper by VMware is all about design and deployment of vSphere on iSCSI storage, which is the most used by smaller and bigger customers. It’s a document which has been updated last week called iSCSI Design Consideration and Deployment guide teaches the best practices for running VMware vSphere on iSCSI storage.  Authored by Cormac […]

Copy files from one cloud service provider to another – with Mover


There is a nice and convenient service called which allows easily make transfer of your files from Dropbox to SkyDrive for example. But not only. There is quite a few connectors available through the service. It’s possible to transfer files and folders from many online storage service providers. This can be useful for individuals, […]

New Free Script (with GUI) called Event-O-Matic to pick an event to generate a PowerShell Code


Luc Dekens has created a nice script which brings up a GUI which enables you to pick up a number of events, and then the script will generate PowerShell code which is placed to the clipboard. He named it Event-O-Matic and it’s available from his blog. When you connect to your vCenter, you have on […]