New VMware Videos Ressource Website is online with over 50 Free Videos is new resources website with how-to videos is the new technical videos website from VMware There is an excellent new resource video website that has been brought to life by VMware. The website is located at and contains already over 50 free videos from different VMware products. Few days back I was talking about new free videos about SRM, so […]

Free VMware SRM Videos Available

Free Videos Site Recovery Manager Training

There are some great Free VMware SRM videos available at VMware. Those videos are provided free from the product page. Even if vSphere Replication (VR) has been introduced recently as a part of VMware vSphere 5.1 Free of charge, to automate the failover and orchestrate the failover and failback you need SRM. VMware vSphere Replication […]

Desktop Virtualization, VDI is a great option but not the only one

Desktop virtualization for all - technical overview

Desktop Virtualization for all – technical overview There is a new Free paper to download from the free section of my website. The paper discuss the possibilities beyond classic VDI solutions. How to deliver desktops another way, the way of Citrix® FlexCast™ delivery technology. The white paper comes from Citrix and shows that other methods to access desktop […]

Official VCP Certification Guide – A Free Chapter Available

Official VCP5 Certification Guide

Get a Free Chapter from the Official VCP 5 Certification Guide. There is a free chapter available for download. Download the PDF. This book was published by VMware Press and the author is Bill Ferguson who is technical trainer/consultant (VCI) since since 15 years. His principal goal in this book is to prepare you for passing the VCP510 […]

RVTools for VMware – version 3.4

RVTools 3.4

RVTools for VMware vSphere – one of the cool freeware apps out there. RVTools utility has been around for a while. Many times blogged and re-blogged about RVTools on this website, but since this tool brings that tremendous value, it’s time for me to do it again, since recently it’s been updated to the version 3.4. […]

Set it and forget it – Skimlinks


Skimlinks – one WordPress Plugin that you might like to install on your WordPress blog. WordPress administration and maintenance takes time. If you add some theme tweaking here and there, daily manage comments, so very fast you find yourself working another shift. I’ve already wrote about How I manage WordPress blog on daily basis where I’m uncovering […]

VMware Performance Best Practices – VMworld 2012 Session VSP1800

Performance Best Practices VMware vSphere - free VMworld Session

VMware Performance Best Practices – Free VMworld 2012 Session. VMware performance best practice quide in this free video session will teach you some tricks to get the best out of your vSphere installation.. You’ll be able to see the most common problems that you might encounter in VMware vSphere and how to solve them. Performance […]

Free vCloud Networking Poster to download

vCloud networking poster

Free vCloud Networking poster to download. There is another free poster download from VMware which is worth to have look at. It’s a vCloud networking poster which outlines the networking. I think it’s cool to see some cool graphics with vSphere Standard, distributed switches, VXLANs….. all the cool stuff is available as a free download. […]

3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way

Why Is 3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way?

Why Is 3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way? A new PDF released by Starwind software discuss the possibility to use 3 servers to achieve better availability than in a configuration with 2 servers. If you follow my website and you’re regular reader, you might already noticed that the Starwind has released version 6.0 of their popular […]

ESXi 5.1 CLI reference poster – Free download

ESXi 5.1 reference poster

ESXi 5.1 Reference poster – Free to download. A new updated ESXi 5.1 reference poster is available. The new VMware vSphere 5.1 vCloud Suite continues to be features rich and the 5.1 has a particularity to bring more value to the SMB customers by bringing in new products and functionality with no additional cost. I already detailed that in my […]