Desktop Virtualization, VDI is a great option but not the only one

Desktop Virtualization for all – technical overview

There is a new Free paper to download from the free section of my website. The paper discuss the possibilities beyond classic VDI solutions. How to deliver desktops another way, the way of Citrix® FlexCast™ delivery technology.

The white paper comes from Citrix and shows that other methods to access desktop in a datacenter exists. Methods using Hosted Shared desktops is used (where many users shares the same VM – a combination of RDS from Microsoft and Citrix Xenapp).

Or also methods where streamed VHD for W7, Vista or XP desktops runs on local computers, and the single, managed image is delivered as a network stream.

Then there is a classic VDI method where different types of pools can be used for different usage, starting with existing physical desktop infrastructure, which is often in place before you implement VDI project. 

Yes, it’s worth to have a look. It’s an overview technical doc, not a detailed or deep dive document, but you’ll find out the differences in HDX (High definition experience) when used on XenApp or XenDesktop. The scope and scale on is different as well.

The paper can be requested from this link, and please note that there is quite a few fields to fill in, so be patient when filling that …… The good news is that when you come back next time to this part of my website, the informations are pre-filled already.

After the request done, check your e-mail. The link will be in the e-mail, instantly.

Desktop virtualization for all - technical overview

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  1. Prashant says


    I have done with vdi setup.But when i am deploying windows 7 scnp short via vmwear client.Geting erroer.. saying that…This desktop currentily has no desktop source available,Please try connecting to this desktop again later,


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