How to remove orphaned vCenter Plugin

How-to remove unwanted plugin from vCenter. If you got stuck with a plugin installed in vCenter and can’t uninstall, there is a quick tutorial on how to do this. Sometimes you got stuck when testing beta products or RC versions, and your vCenter shows those broken plugins. Those third party tools leave a “mess” behind when you just delete them. You basically don’t have a way to uninstall those plugins from Add/remove programs. So,How to remove orphaned vCenter Plugin from the Available Plug-ins list.

You’ll face this error message:

Center {Plugin Name} Disabled {Plugin Name} vCenter plugin The following error occurred while downloading the script plugin from https:///vmware/Plugin-NamePlugin.xml:Invalid URI: The host name could not be parsed.

Here are the steps on How to remove unwanted vCenter plugin:

01. Start your web browser, go to http://vcenter server name or IP/mob

02. Click Content > Click ExtensionManager > Select and copy the name of the plug-in you want to remove from the list of values under Properties.

03. Click UnregisterExtension. (Will appear in new window – in pop-up).

04. Go and paste the name of the plug-in and click Invoke Method to remove the plugin. Close the window. Then, refresh the Managed Object Type:ManagedObjectReference:ExtensionManager window to verify if the plug-in was removed .

You might have to restart your vCenter service afterwards to accomplish the changes.

How-to unregister unwanted vCenter Plugin


Source: VMware KB 1025360Removing unwanted plug-ins from vCenter Server and VMware communities thread

Update: I thought that it would also help to have all the vSphere extensions as a list. It also comes from the excellent KB article I’m refering to, but I prefer having this bookmarked in this post as well.

vSphere Extensions List

Extension Name Service Description
com.vmware.vim.eam vSphere ESX Agent Manager
com.vmware.vim.inventoryservice vCenter Inventory Service Licensing Services
com.vmware.vim.sms VMware vCenter Storage Monitoring Service
com.vmware.vim.sps VMware vSphere Profile-drive Storage Service Performance charts built-in extension
com.vmware.vim.stats.vsm Service Manager
cim-ui vCenter Hardware Status
health-ui vCenter Service Status
hostdiag Internal extension to declare diagnostic events from VMware Host systems
VirtualCenter VirtualCenter dynamic events and tasks
com.vmware.orchestrator VMware vCenter vCO plugin
com.vmware.rbd Auto Deploy
com.vmware.syslog VMware Syslog Collector Configuration
com.vmware.vcDr VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Extension
com.vmware.vcHms vSphere Replication Management (VRM)
com.vmware.vcIntegrity VMware vSphere Update Manager Extension
com.vmware.vShieldManager vShield Manager
vCloud Director-1 vCloud Director
com.vmware.vcops vCenter Operations Manager
com.vmware.vadm VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator
com.vmware.vdp vSphere Data Protection 5.1
com.vmware.vdp2 vSphere Data Protection 5.5