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New Microsoft Licensing for virtual infrastructure (and vMotion):

Windows Server 2012 are Physical Processor based lic. where single license covers two physical CPUs.  Two editions (Standard – which allows to run Two VMs with 2 CPU each and Datacenter – unlimited number of VMs).

Remember about you can only reassign the Windows license once every 90 days with the Standard edition. That applies to using technologies like vMotion on your virtual machines. If you license Datacenter then you have unlimited virtualization rights and do not have to worry about reassigning Windows licenses.

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VEEAM Hyper VMicrosoft Hyper-V 3.0 Technical Hands on Guide - The Chapters:

  1. Introduction to Hyper-V 3.0
  2. Failover Clustering
  3. Migrations
  4. Managing Virtual Machine Failover
  5. PowerShell Management

The authors, Brian Posey, with Pete Zerger and Chris Henley goes quite deep in the topics and provides many screenshots through the document, which is btw 142 pages long.

Microsoft with the recent release of Windows Server 2012 is closing the gap and catching up VMware. This pushes VMware to innovate even more, get more free software into the basic vSphere Essentials Plus bundle. This bundle which has now several products integrated. This wasn’t the case in 2011. Products like vSphere Replication, vSphere Data Protection, and features like new Enhanced vMotion, just did not existed.

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