Recover lost space from thin provisioned disks by using Guest Reclaim Fling

Shows no mapping for the disks

Guest Reclaim to recover lost space on thin provisionned disks. After the announce few days ago I was wondering on how to possibly use this tool, since there are some limitations. Most likely, as said in the Guest Reclaim ReadMe (pdf) file, the tool will take part in future updates to VMware hypervisor.  For now this tool […]

Save and Claim the lost storage space with thin provisionning

Thin provisionning is a subject which passions me a lot. So when I saw an article written by Gabrie van Zanten. I read carefully to see if I find something that I do not know about. Believe me, I found a good stuff you’ll want to hear about. Gabrie is an experienced virtualization architect. For […]

VMware Converter 4.0.1 and Thin provisionning

VMware Converter 4.1 and Thin Provisionning

VMware Converter 4.0.1 is Free Tool now fully compatible with vSphere 4. One of the great features is Thin Provisionning. What is this? The name is a bit confusing, but in real it’s really great, because it saves you tonnes of diskspace. Oh yes!! When you converting your physical server into virtual, you can chose […]

Thin provisionning, what? Save diskspace with ESX and vSphere, oh yes…

I was always very happy with one of the features present in VMware Workstation since few years now. Actually you are able to specify in VMware Workstation when you configure new virtual disk how big the disk will be. But when you specify for example 50 Gigs virtual disk inside Workstation , the disks real […]