Use VMware Workstation 8 as a server with shared VMs and autostart

Use Autostart, permissions and shared VMs with VMware Workstation 8 video.

In this video from VMware KB you’ll be able to see that with VMware Worstation 8 is now possible to configure shared VMs which are accessible through the LAN and also the possibility to manage permissions who can access those VMs.

Additionally, it’s possible also to configure an autostart of those VMs. Those VMs starts automatically when the physical system starts.

But note that when you share a VM, you automatically loose some fetures like:

Shared Folders
Drag and drop
Copy and paste

You might be interested in reading my post about all the new features present in the new VMware Workstation 8 – VMware Workstation 8 new features detailed.

I have also wrote a Free E-book, which is a detailed setup guide on how to setup a portable nested vSphere lab on a laptop or PC with limited resources, but using an SSD is strongly recommended – How to setup a nested vSphere Lab on a PC by using VMware Workstation.


VMware Workstation - managing permissions, sharing VMs

You can download Free Trial – a 30 days evaluation of VMware Workstation 8 here.
You can buy the full product here.
You can upgrade your existing VMware Workstation here.

Enjoy the video below:

Source: Running VMware Workstation 8 as a server with shared virtual machines

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