VCP And VCAP Exam Discounts – 50% Off During VMworld

In case you’re planning to pass a VMware certification exam and your boss is kind enough to send you to VMworld, then you might get tempted by this special promo from VMware which offers 50% off the price during VMworld 2014. 

VMworld US is held again in San Francisco (Moscone Center) and VMworld Europe in Barcelona (Fira Barcelona Gran Via). You have to register for the exam through VMware education website to obtain authorization.

VMworld 2014

If you’re never been to such a conference then I must say that the first time that I attended I was quite impressed. My first time was VMworld Copenhagen back in 2010 (not so long time ago…).

Fellow blogger Andrea Mauro on has some more info and also good tips on the possible discounts. Here is a quote from his post:

If you are looking for a cheap way to attend, actually you can use the Alumni discount (or the VCP discount, but is not so good as the Alumni one). Plus you can use the VMUG Advantage discount with one other VMworld discount. This is the only VMworld discount that is combinable, and applies only to VMUG Advantage Members.

Pretty cool. I’m hoping to attend again this year, the Barcelona event. After two years in Barcelona I think that this year is the last one for there and that the next year it will be held elsewhere. But we must wait for @esloof to give us the scoop -:).

You can also check my previous years experiences, where I was posting articles, creating videos etc. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. It’s certainly an IT event of the year.  Its always fun to meet new friends, see live sessions and take some labs during those few days where sleeping is a luxury…

Both events are approaching fast, very fast. The content catalog is here:

One last note you might be interested to enter VMturbo’s contest and win a free pass to VMworld!

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