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VCP Certifications

VCP-DCV Study Guide By Josh Cohen and Jason Langer

Excellent VCP5-DCV Blueprint Study Guide with screenshots in colors for studying for VCP Exam. In this 136-page study guide Jason and Josh cover all seven of the exam blueprint sections to help prepare you for the VCP exam. The VCP Blueprint Guide has 135 pages.

After reading the guide you’ll be able to:

  • Plan, install, configure and upgrade vCenter Server and VMware ESXi.
  • Configure vSphere Networking and vSphere Storage and administer VMs and vApps.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting and alarm management for VMware ESXi hosts and VMs.

You’ll need to request exam authorization here.

Free VMware Learning:

VCP RequirementsVCP5-DCV (Datacenter Virtualization). The only way to became VCP 5 (if you’re not VCP 3 or VCP 4)  is to attend the VMware class for Install and configure vSphere 5  (online or by traveling to the nearest location) and then passing the exam in one of those Pearson VUE Exam Centers. You can also attend the “Optimize and Scale” training course, pass the VCP exam, and be able to receive the VCP.

The real exam is a QCM exam which is executed on a computer with online connection.  You can get the vSphere 5 Blueprint from this page. You can find your class on the VMware Educations pages :

VMware Education

Once sit the VMware Class, you should be ready for the exam. Well, not exactly. You will now probably really need to study for the exam. Find bellow the

VCP-DCV PathvSphere 5 Blueprint:

Section 1 – Plan, Install, Configure and Upgrade vCenter Server and VMware ESXi

  • Objective 1.1 – Install and Configure vCenter Server
  • Objective 1.2 – Install and Configure VMware ESXi
  • Objective 1.3 – Plan and Perform Upgrades of vCenter Server and VMware ESXi
  • Objective 1.4 –Secure vCenter Server and ESXi
  • Objective 1.5 – Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions

Section 2 – Plan and Configure vSphere Networking

  • Objective 2.1 – Configure vNetwork Standard Switches
  • Objective 2.2 – Configure vNetwork Distributed Switches
  • Objective 2.3 – Configure vSS and vDS Policies

Section 3 – Plan and Configure vSphere Storage

  • Objective 3.1 – Configure Shared Storage for vSphere
  • Objective 3.2 – Configure the Storage Virtual Appliance for vSphere
  • Objective 3.3 – Create and Configure VMFS and NFS Datastores

Section 4 – Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines and vApps

  • Objective 4.1 – Create and Deploy Virtual Machines
  • Objective 4.2 – Create and Deploy vApps
  • Objective 4.3 – Manage Virtual Machine Clones and Templates
  • Objective 4.4 – Administer Virtual Machines and vApps

Section 5 – Establish and Maintain Service Levels

  • Objective 5.1 – Create and Configure VMware Clusters
  • Objective 5.2 – Plan and Implement VMware Fault Tolerance
  • Objective 5.3 – Create and Administer Resource Pools
  • Objective 5.4 – Migrate Virtual Machines
  • Objective 5.5 – Backup and Restore Virtual Machines
  • Objective 5.6 – Patch and Update ESXi and Virtual Machines

Section 6 – Perform Basic Troubleshooting and Alarm Management

  • Objective 6.1 – Perform Basic Troubleshooting for ESXi Hosts
  • Objective 6.2 – Perform Basic vSphere Network Troubleshooting
  • Objective 6.3 – Perform Basic vSphere Storage Troubleshooting
  • Objective 6.4 – Perform Basic Troubleshooting for HA/DRS Clusters and vMotion/Storage vMotion

Section 7 – Monitor a vSphere Implementation

  • Objective 7.1 – Monitor ESXi, vCenter Server and Virtual Machines
  • Objective 7.2 – Create and Administer vCenter Server Alarms

 Section 0 – VMware Vision – also needed

The highlighted paths are available until February 29th 2012,  VCP4 people do not need to attend any vSphere 5 training course in order to pass SVCP 5 and became Certified VCP5.  But they might consider to attend What’s new course which can be helpful in preparing for the VCP 5 exam.

The VCP exam has 85 questions with 8 pre-exam survey questions. The passing score is 300 and the maximum is 500.  If you’re planning to became VCI – a VMware Certified Instructor, the minimum limit is (as far as I know) 400 poins.

There is 90 min available as a time limit, and for users passing the exam in a country where the primary language is not English there is an additional 30 minutes time added to the exam automatically. I was in that category since my native language is French.

VCP5 Practice Exams:

Recommended tools:

With VMware Workstation –  you can run VMware ESXi 5 inside of VMware Workstation (as a VM) without the need of tweaking the VMX configuration file. You can read about the new Virtual Network Editor in my post, which make things even more easy. I have recently published a Free E-book on building a virtual lab (using nested ESXi hosts) on a laptop with limited resources. You might be interested in reading this post. You can download the E-book for Free after subscribing to our weekly newsletter.