VMware Snapshots Explained through a video series

I wanted to point out this technical learning video about VMware snapshots. This video is narrated by VMware certified instructor Joe Desmond and he explains all the details about the snapshot technology and the different files which are generated and used in snapshots.

In my IT career I’ve encountered situations at client sites, where the end users, and sometimes IT admins did not have clear understanding on how to effectively use snapshots or what are the files generated during snapshots are good for.

To be honest, the whole snapshot chain and number of different files involved during the snapshot process does not make the process easy either. As a result, VMware is doing a good job providing videos like this, and this video is part of 10 series videos talking about snapshots!

What you’ll learn?

vSphere and ESXi generate a bunch of different files with different file extentions. VMDK, VMSD, VMSN, Delta files….  All those files are necessary for the mechanism of snapshots to function and the understanding what each of those files is good for is crucial.


VMware Snapshots Explained – deep dive video

The whole series of videos from VMware Education and VMware KB TV.

VMware KB TV – tech support videos

Those videos are good resources for learning the technology used in snapshots, the detailed files which are involved in snapshots and also the best use cases for snapshots. Some of the KBTV videos are good to see the command line tools used for committing and troubleshooting snapshots through the CLI.

VMware Education provides excellent training courses (free and paid) which allows to learn without going on site.

Source: VMwareLearning.com

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