vOps Server Explorer 6.0 Free available

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 adds Hyper-V support.

vKernel released an update to their free utility called vOps Server Explorer. I’ve reported several times on that free tool and the value it brings to the community. You could probably read my article on the previous release of vOps Explorer 5.1 here or this one – Free Tool – vOPS Server Explorer, 2 in 1 product now with SearchMyVM enhanced.

This tool is on my radar since I do have informations that this tool will evolve with more free tools included in the same package. Right now, there are three tools present:

SearchMyVM –  which is using ”google like” searches helping administrators to easily find specific clusters, hosts, resource pools or virtual machines within the  virtual infrastructure. It’s possible to quickly export those searches in PDF, XLS or XML.

Environment Explorer – shows the whole environments, with overall datacenter informations with VMware, RHEL, Hyper-V hosts, VMs, snapshots, templates.. plus many more. Click to enlarge.

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 - Free utility for multi-hypervizor environments

vScope Explorer – this tool gives you instant visibility of your environment. It uses the same “engine” as the vOps standard, so it means that you get the same advices as with the paid tool….  The colors (Green, Yellow, Red) shows the overall health of the environment, per VM.

Right click on the VM shows the detailed infos about the actual configuration and problem (if any).

Detection of performance bottlenecks from high CPU ready, memory swapping, device latency and other causes is possible with this tool. There is also a possibility to show the overview of the infrastructure from the capacity and also efficiency point of view.

Where the efficiency divides itself to VM efficiency or Datastore Efficiency. You’re able to see which datastore has space wasted by snapshots or orphaned VMs or which VM is over (under) allocated with CPU, memory or device latency.

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 - Free utility for multi-hypervizor environments

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 and support for Hyper-V for mixed virtualized environments bringing the possibility to have single pane of glass for hypervisor management.

vOps Server Explorer 6.0 is part of my VMware Free Tools page.

This post – vOps Server Explorer 6.0 Free has been launched – was published at ESX Virtualization website at vladan.fr.

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