vSphere Storage Appliance 5.1.1 – what’s new

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance 5.1.1

With the recent “patch friday” at VMware, there has been many VMware products that has been updated and patched. It’s only few months later after the 5.1 release, where some major bug fixes has been ironed out, to finally most of the IT admins can upgrade to 5.1 with peace of mind. It’s always a good practice NOT to upgrade straight away to the latest major built, but wait for the x.1 after the major release. And that’s what probably happens to many shops willing to upgrade to 5.1.1. Now, it’s the moment to do so.

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance – new built, with bug fixes and improvements.

The new vSphere Storage Appliance can now supports multiple VSA clusters by single vCenter server instance. The 5.1.1 version replaces completely the version 5.1 which has been removed from the download site. In fact, the 5.1.1 fixes a functionality which could lead to data loss. It’s described in the KB 2036630.

vSphere Storage Appliance Manager Installer 5.1.1 | 25 October 2012 | Build 859703
vSphere Storage Appliance Automated Installer 5.1.1 | 25 October 2012 | Build 859703
Standalone VSA Cluster Service 5.1.1 | 25 October 2012 | Windows Build 859644 | Linux Build 858549

Another bug fixed in the vSphere Storage Appliance 5.1.1 is that if you reboot a VSA node, only an incremental sync is initiated instead of full sync.

It’s a low cost shared storage solution by VMware, where you won’t be able to get the same level of performance or features which are present with full blown SAN device. But for small shops, which usually goes for the VMware Essentials or Essentials Plus, this solution is the way to go without hardware SAN.

And, not to forget, the solutions is still limited to 3 nodes only…..

vSphere storage appliance

I’m including some short technical videos about vSphere Storage Appliance:

The Installation of vSphere Storage Appliance:

Utilisation in ROBO environments – installation in remote office location.

You can have different subnet in the Remote office since of the version 5.1. You’ll see also that it’s possibile to select only a part of the local storage for the deployment. You can keep one part of the local datastore for something else, and adjust the size later.



Add more capacity of the storage – you can grow the capacity. (3 min video)

You have to stop all the VMs that are running on the shared storage, before running the assistant.


Host failures demo

In this demo, you’ll see how the VSA handles the host failures.


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