3CX Phone System Review

3xc Phone System

3CX Phone system is a software based IP PBX which replaces the traditional hardware PBX. The solution is based on a Windows server which can be virtualized with VMware. VMware vSphere 5.x and above is a supported virtualization platform, but you can also use Hyper-V. The server part collaborates with clients which can be either software based phones […]

Rackware Management Module – RMM. How it works?

Rackware FailBack

Rackware is a relatively new software company founded in 2009 which I discovered recently. They also took a place as a sponsor on our website. Check out Rackware website for further info if DR is your interest. They provide software system called Rackware Management Module – RMM which can be used as DR scenario from […]

How to Understand VMware Acceptance Levels for Hosts and VIBs

ESX Cli software vib remove

VMware Acceptance Levels are two sorts. Acceptance levels for VIBs and acceptance levels for hosts. The VIB acceptance levels can’t be changed but the host’s acceptance levels can. As an example for installing custom VIB in you homelab environment you need to change the host acceptance level otherwise the VIB won’t installs. How to understand VMware […]

VMTN Is Back – 365 Days Evaluation Licenses For 9 VMware Products Through VMUG Advantage


A great news which just came out through Twitter with a speed of light. VMware is announcing a 365 Evaluation licenses for selected VMware products. It’s a great news for IT pros which runs VMware labs at home for learning VMware technology! It’s been some time since VMware was listening…. since 2011! But now it’s a reality. The […]

DISM GUI 4.0 Utility – Free tool to manage WIM images

DISM GUI 4.0 - free gui utility for WIM images

In case you want to add/remove drivers from *.WIM images, there is a graphical interface for the DISM command line utility written in the .NET. It’s called a DISM GUI 4.0 utility and allows you to mount and dismount WIMs, manage drivers, features and packages. Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) is a command-line tool included […]

CloudByte ElastiStor Community Edition is out – Up to 25 TB Free for life

ElastiStor community Edition

There is a new Community edition or ElastiStor available from CloudByte. This version announces up to 25Tb free storage for ever.  ElastiStor lets you custom-build storage infrastructure based on your requirements, with support for SATA, SAS, and SSD hardware as well as NFS, CIFS, FC, and iSCSI protocols. ElastiStor OS is built using FreeBSD 9 […]