Fighting Over 2000 Spam Comments A Day – Here is How


I have been dealing more and more with spam comments lately. Apps for Spammers got smarter and Akismet just can’t handle them all anymore.  Since when I started this blog few years back I had to deal with spam comments. The situation however does become increasingly painful since several months due to more and more [...]

Latency Sensitivity Troubleshooting Tool by VMware Labs

Latency Sensitivity Tool

VMware vSphere 5.5 has introduced support for applications which do have special requirements concerning Latency sensitivity. Perhaps it’s your interest and you should know that there is a new free utility at VMware Labs website called Latency Sensitivity Troubleshooting Tool. The tool has been released recently to help troubleshoot options concerning application latency. The tool is available [...]

vSphere Replication With Single vCenter – How to configure?

How to configure vSphere replication with single vCenter Server

VMware has recently updated many products after those has been announced during VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. I have reported on that in my detailed post which shows that 30 products parts are the part of the vSphere 5.8 suite, went out GA that day. vSphere Replication 5.0 was one of the announced products as well [...]

How to Patch Free VMware ESXi Standalone Host

how to patch standalone esxi host

This guide will help folks which are new to virtualization or admins just starting with VMware virtualization, they run ESXi free version without vCenter. How to patch Free VMware ESXi standalone host is a common question I’m getting on regular basis and I though that I document that from the beginning to the end. If [...]

VMware vSphere Data Protection – How to Reattach Data Disks if VDP Appliance Won’t Start

vSphere Data protection - how to reattach existing data disks

In case VDP appliance has problem and cannot boot up there is still a way to recover your backups even if your VDP appliance was not backed up (the system) or copied elsewhere. This is because the actual backups are stored at the data disks.   Normally the best practice is to deploy the VDP [...]

How-to Install VMware Horizon Workspace Portal 2.1

How to install Horizon Workspace Portal

VMware Horizon Workstation Portal 2.1 recently released as a part of the Horizon 6 suite brings much easier deployment options (single VM now) and also integration of AirWatch and Deskstone can be leveraged to secure mobile apps and brings DaaS desktops. While the previous release has had already integrated technologies like Octopus, the deployment and [...]

Hands On Labs Presents – EVO:RAIL HOL-SDC-1428


There is a new lab at Hands On Labs available for EVO:RAIL. It’s HOL-SDC-1428 and this lab allows to play with the latest technology by VMware. If you don’t already have a HOL account you can create one for free. It’s a good way to explore the different possibilities of EVO:RAIL software without having one. Pretty [...]

Free Tool – PowerActions for vSphere Web Client allows Integration of PowerCLI into the Web Client


New free tool for VMware administrators – PowerActions for vSphere Web Client. The new utility was released by VMware labs recently and allows to execute PowerCLI scripts from within the vSphere web client. The free tool called PowerActions for vSphere Web Client brings also a library of PowerCLI scripts prepared for use. You can add [...]

Free Learning VDP Advanced 5.8 – Online Course by VMware Education

vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.8

VMware has put online new training course for vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Advanced version. As you know the advanced version can backup business critical applications like Exchange, SQL or Sharepoint (Even if still on physical), and lifts many limits of VDP standard. The product has evolved since 5.1 or 5.5 versions, where the 5.5 version [...]