SSD Storage Closer to CPU – That’s Memory Channel Storage by Diablo Technologies for Next Gen VSAN

Diablo Technologies

During this year’s VMworld in Barcelona 2014 I had an opportunity to be part of Tech Field Day Extra organized by Steven Fosket (@sfosket). It was my first Tech field day (hope not last one) and I was present together with other candidates on this presentation from Diablo Technologies. They’re working on Memory Channel Storage [...]

Free ESXTOP vSphere Web Client Plugin – Get a copy at VMware Labs

ESXTop Plugin for vSphere Web client

Last week VMware Labs has released Free ESXTOP vSphere Web Client Plugin, which is very interesting Add-on for vSphere Web Client. After the full GUI based version of ESXtop client called Visual ESXTOP (based on Java) this version integrates directly into the vSphere Web Client. It’s easy to install but there are few limitations. It seems that [...]

Install Free Starwind SAN on Free Hyper-V – Part 1

Starwind Diskpart

The title says it all. It’s possible to install Starvind SAN software on a free Hyper-V Server from Microsoft. Yes the one without the actual GUI. And that’s quite interesting (free) solution that I didn’t really consider so far, being mostly VMware consultant. But clients are clients. Right? The life of an IT consultant is dependant of the [...]

CloudVolumes, Just-in-Times-Desktops and Some Secret Sauce in Between

Cloudvolumes - Assigned of Applications, not installation

I went to see Garry Owen during VMworld Barcelona 2014. Garry who is a EMEA Senior Product Marketing Manager, based at Frimley, to ask him about the latest and hottest VMware technology in the End User Computing (EUC). We were talking about CloudVolumes, Just-in-Times-Desktops, forking and some secred sauce in between all this. He showed me [...]

VMTurbo 4.7 Details and Features


VMturbo is present during VMworld Barcelona 2014 and presenting their flagship software VMturbo Operations Manager which grows up with every release. The latest release is major upgrade of their software where the base idea behind is still the same – keep the infrastructure running in desired state.  Quote: VMTurbo teaches your VMs and other data [...]

Veeam Availability Suite 8 and Veeam Endpoint Backup – Further Details

Veeam availability Suite 8

This is an interview from VMworld 2014 with Rick Vanover from Veeam Software. I have asked a couple of questions concerning upcoming Veeam availability suite 8 (which  and also some further details about Veeam Endpoint backup product. The upcoming Veeam availability suite will feature vloud connector which will allow to backup into the cloud. Any cloud. [...]