Trilead Enterprise Backup and Replication for VMware and Hyper-V Announced

Trilead VM Explorer

Trilead is preparing some big changes in it’s product’s range as the product just went out with 5.1 RC version which brings a very interesting features for VMware and Hyper-V users. Features that will be present in new edition of Trilead Entreprise 5.1, but can be already tested with the 5.1 RC version. Those enterprise […]

How-to rename VMNIC in VMware ESXi

How to rename vmnic

The problem of assigning different name to your VMNIC is not new. Several sources reported  NIC enumeration that occurs after applying a BIOS update, resulting a connectivity loss. But there is a way to fix it even if rename VMNIC in VMware ESXi through the UI isn’t possible. In my case it was simple a cosmetic […]

Xangati Released Two New Dashboards to extend their Software Suite

Xangati XSR11 - Xangati Executive Dashboard

Xangati just announced two new dashboards in their software suite. Xangati is a specialist in end-to-end real time monitoring, but their product offers some unique capabilities, like storm tracking or automatic recording when your infrastructure is performing badly. There is new Executive Dashboard which offers an overall view of VDI and VI components and also […]

WIMBoot in Windows 8.1 allows saving storage and memory


The latest update of Windows 8.1 brings an interesting functionality which allows to use lower end machines with small SSDs save space so If you have such a PC or tablet which has a small SSD and struggling to get everything installed, you might consider this type of installation. It’s called Windows Image Boot (or WIMBoot) […]

How to publish RDS application in Horizon View 6

RDS applications on Horizon VIew 6

Horizon 6 announced few days back brought a clearly new wind into the desktop virtualization space. Where in the past the VDI was often subject of performance and cost, see ROI. We might see this changing, is the 2014 finally the year of the VDI? Yesterday’s post showed How to add RDS functionality to Horizon View […]

How to add RDS functionality to Horizon View 6

Horizon View Agent 6 install on Microsoft RDS server

The newly announced Horizon View 6 flagship product from VMware brought great enhancements from the architectural point of view as you could already read about in my yesterday’s post. However from the administrator’s point of view (not from the architect’s perspective) there are some really cool features that I’d like to point out in this […]

VMware Horizon 6 – Major evolution in architecture and tighter integration of suite components

VMware Horizon View 6 - Remote apps with local experience

VMware Horizon 6 has been announced by VMware. This major update to VMware Horizon brings some major enhancements into the architecture, concerning Cloud Pod Architecture, which now supports global entitlements across View pods, RDS hosted apps, VMware VSAN (supported since View 5.3.1). Also new Application catalog which provides unified access to desktops and applications (previously […]