How-to use VMware vCenter Server Support Assistant 6.0

vCenter Support Assistant

VMware vCenter Server Support Assistant 6.0 is Free virtual appliance (and plugin) which aims to help to proactively monitor your environment for alerts and recommended fixes. It allows to receive alerts or monthly status emails. The appliance helps when filling up support requests for VMware (reactive support) as it collects and attaches the diagnostic information […]

VMturbo 5.2 Released with QoS Adherence for Applications

VMturbo suppor SQL, Oracle

VMturbo has released new version of their flagship product – VMturbo Operations Manager 5.2. A very interesting feature has been added to this release – QoS for applications. The previous VMturbo release has brought Application Control Module (ACM) and in the 5.2 release a SQL and Oracle support has been added for ACM. So it […]

Z-Drive 6000 – High Performance PCIe Enterprise SSD with NVMe Interface

OCZ Z-Drive 6000 PCIe SSD Enterprise class NVMe based SSD

Z-Drive 6000 is a new NVMe compliant PCIe enterprise SSD from OCZ Storage Solutions (Now part of Toshiba Group). NVM Express (or NVMe) stands for Non-Volatile Memory. NVMe has larger queue depth than SCSI (64000 over 254 for SAS, or 31 for SATA). NVMe Host Controller Interface Specification (NVMHCI), is a specification for accessing solid-state drives […]

How-to Connect to vCenter 6 vPostgress Database with PgAdmin

How to connect to vCenter DB vPostgres via PgAdmin

vCenter Server 6.0 is using by default the internal vPostgress Database. If you chose this option during the installation over an SQL server installation you basically lose the possibility to manage this DB, unless you install some vPostgress management tool. One of those tools is PgAdmin and in this post we will take a look […]

What is Storage Spaces Direct? It’s a Software Based Storage by Microsoft

Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct

Another vendor who will jump into the hyper-converged wagon – Microsoft. Storage Spaces Direct is in preview in Windows server 2016 which is upcoming server software from Microsoft. Storage spaces direct has the same principle as VMware VSAN – leverages local disks of each host (DAS storage) in order to create a shared pool of clustered storage […]

Application Performance Management for Dummies

Application Performance Management for Dummies

There is a free e-Book which I found interesting. It’s a book that treats a subject which is important at small, big or the biggest datacenters. It’s an Application performance. There are Application performance management (APM) software tools which helps to monitor and troubleshoot those mission-critical applications. Application Performance Management for Dummies is a free […]