Atlantis USX 2.0 – The New Hyper-Converged Leader?


Atlantis computing just announced USX 2.0 which brings some quite unique capabilities. If you don’t know Atlantis computing than you should read my article about diskless VDI architecture from Atlantis computing, which is another product they do – Fastest Virtual Desktop Experience – Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI 4.0 – desktops running in RAM. (BTW, you [...]

10 Days Free Trial With PluralSight Training – Try It


Training is changing. The way we learn is changing. Before, to get the knowledge one had to travel to the nearest training center or a certified trainer had to come on site. Then the possibility to buy training on video support has become available. Companies like TrainSignal were the choice for getting latest and hottest trainings. [...]

DNS name does not display as FQDN on the Summary tab of a virtual machine

DNS name does not display as FQDN on the Summary tab of a virtual machine

This usually happens when your VM is not part of the Microsoft domain. The summary TAB do not show the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) but only the hostname. DNS name does not display as FQDN on the Summary tab of a virtual machine and you might be thinking how to fix this.It’s just a quick [...]

VMware Horizon View Firewall Ports Requirements

Test Published application by RDS in the Horizon View 6

There are ports which needs to be open on a firewall when installing VMware Horizon View. The best way to get started with Horizon View is to follow an excellent VMware PDF called – VMware Horizon View 6 Evaluator’s guide. However keep in mind that good knowledge of required firewall ports for VMware Horizon View deployments [...]

Free Task Manager for Hyper-V By Veeam

Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V

Windows task manager is usually used for monitoring of different process and applications running on Windows servers. However, when Hyper-V role is installed and some VMs running, the task manager don’t show the CPU utilization of those individual VMs. Veeam has released a small utility called Task Manager for Hyper-V which just allows to monitor [...]

SyncBackFree – Backup and Replication Freeware

Syncback Freeware

An easy topic today. I’d like to share this post, because I found a product with a good value. It’s not targeted towards virtualised environments in any way, but rather I’d say it might be a good choice for an average admin’s toolbox. SyncBack Free is Backup and Replication Freeware which is used as an in guest utility [...]