Veeam Failover Plans – 1 click failovers and More goodness from V8

Planned Failover

Innovation never stops at Veeam and they shall release version 8 of their flagship product this quarter. During VMworld Barcelona I could gather some further details on what’s expected in Veeam Availability Suite 8, but not all features has been unweiled yet. There is a lot of new – over 100 new features planned! If you haven’t checked [...]

6.4 TB of Data on Single SSD Backed by Internal RAID – Upcoming model of NVMe SSD from OCZ

New Z-6000 Drive

If you have passed by the OCZ stand (Now part of Toshiba Group) during this year’s VMworld Barcelona 2014 you could have probably spotted a new upcoming SSD drive they were showing up. the format was like the classic 2.5′ format, but twice thicker. Destined for the enterprise customers, the drive will use new connector [...]

Zerto Virtual Replication for Hyper-V Announced – First Step towards Mixed Environments and Cloud Fabric

Zerto Cloud fabric

Zerto announced support for Hyper-V platform. but their long term strategy is to create Zerto Cloud Fabric allowing to replicate VMs between different hypervizors (including the on-the-fly-conversion). The hyper-V announcement was scheduled exactly for TechEd Europe in Barcelona (just started yesterday) and will allow to protect critical workloads on this platform. The cloud fabric announce is pretty [...]

Flash VM Boot Feature Available in New Release of Nakivo Backup and Replication 5.0


Already 5th release by Nakivo. If you never heard about Nakivo I’d invite you to read my detailed post about their Backup and Replication solution for VMware. Nakivo has a virtual appliance approach, but can also be installed in Windows or Linux VM or directly on physical server. This is quite flexible compared to the [...]

VDP advanced compared to VDP Standard and Migration Options

VDP and VDP Advanced

vSphere Data Protection, based on Amavar’s code (EMC), it is packaged as backup appliance which can leverage existing virtual infrastructure to be implemented. No need to buy a new hardware for installation of this backup server. In this post I compare VDP advanced compared to VDP Standard and how to migrate from standard to advanced. [...]

Reunion Island – Where is That ?

Le Grand Benare - 2896 meters above sea level

After my recent VMworld Barcelona trip, actually when back in the plane I had my head full of souvenirs, new meetings. One of the questions which came out regularly was about Reunion Island (Fr). This part of the France is not well known not only to the French but also to the rest of the [...]

SSD Storage Closer to CPU – That’s Memory Channel Storage by Diablo Technologies for Next Gen VSAN

Diablo Technologies

During this year’s VMworld in Barcelona 2014 I had an opportunity to be part of Tech Field Day Extra organized by Steven Fosket (@sfosket). It was my first Tech field day (hope not last one) and I was present together with other candidates on this presentation from Diablo Technologies. They’re working on Memory Channel Storage [...]

Free ESXTOP vSphere Web Client Plugin – Get a copy at VMware Labs

ESXTop Plugin for vSphere Web client

Last week VMware Labs has released Free ESXTOP vSphere Web Client Plugin, which is very interesting Add-on for vSphere Web Client. After the full GUI based version of ESXtop client called Visual ESXTOP (based on Java) this version integrates directly into the vSphere Web Client. It’s easy to install but there are few limitations. It seems that [...]