Mythbusters Goes Virtual – a collector whitepaper

Mythbusters - Edition Collector - download now

Those two experts are busting some common misconceptions…. Mythbusters goes virtual was in in the top 3 of the most popular VMworld 2011 sessions. This year, unfortuately this session with Eric Sloof and Mattias Sundling wasn’t retained. It’s quite a shame, since those two guys could have find other common “myths” to debunk. I had a chance […]

Thinapped vSphere Client for v 5.0U1

Thinapped vSphere Client - vSphere 5.0U1

Zero Install with Thinapped vSphere Client for v 5.0U1 I think that I missed this release. There is now an updated vSphere Client as a thinapped application for version vSphere 5.0 U1. This release, with the possibility to still download the previous release (for vSphere 4.1), handles vSphere 5.0 and also vSphere 5.0 U1. Thinapped […]

Free VMware PowerPoint Icons and Images to download

Free VMware Icons and schemas in PPT format

Free VMware PowerPoint Icons. There are new VMware Icons, Box shots, Logos in those 3 PPT files which are available from the VMware Communities. The PPT files are available at the VMware Website here:  Those icons, shapes and assets can be used in presentations. There is still possible to download the older version: VMware PowerPoint Icons and […]

VDI Calculator Update – 2.8.1

Flash VDI Calculator - A Free Online Tool to Size your VDI solution

VDI Calculator has been updated. The new release of VDI calculator created and provided by Andre Leibovici has been released. In this release, which is only a maintenance release, there has been few modifications. The Free Online Tool for calculating and sizing a VDI solutions running on VMware vSphere. The tool can be used for […]

The Complexity of VMware Storage Management

The Complexity of VMware Storage

The Complexity of VMware Storage Management, from Isilon System. There is a new paper from Isilon (divission of EMC) with as a subject Complexity of VMware storage management. Did you know that other protocols other than FC were introduced by VMware into ESX 3.0 only? Protocols like iSCSI or NAS which can be used to connect […]

Desktop Virtualization with Cisco UCS

Ciscso UCS Virtual Infrastructure

Desktop Virtualization with Cisco UCS. Cisco UCS has recently announced an update to it’s Unified Computing System (UCS) and it’s integration of VMwre View as a VDI solution. Unified Computing System (UCS) and it’s integration of VMwre View as a VDI solution. If you’re not familiar with Cisco UCS you might want to have a look at […]

How Your Business Can Attain Maximum ROI from Virtualization

How Your Business Can Attain Maximum ROI from Virtualization

Get maximum ROI from Virtualization – A free whitepaper from VMware If you’re not using any virtualization products in your company, this whitepaper will teach you the basics on how-to attain a maximum ROI by using virtualization. You’ll be able to learn the basics about virtualization and the principal benefits. One of them is Server […]

Expert Guide on Backing up Windows Server in Hyper-V

Backing up Hyper-V

White paper from Dell – Appassure which talks about the backing up of for Hyper-V servers The Author is John SAVILL, Microsoft MVP. John Savill is a Windows technical specialist, an 11-time MVP, an MCITP: Enterprise Administrator for Windows Server 2008, and is ITIL certified. He is the author of the popular FAQ for Windows and a […]

vSphere 5 ESXTOP quick Overview

vSphere 5 ESXTOP quick overview

New ESXTOP PDF ressource diagram called “vSphere 5 ESXTOP quick Overview for Troubleshooting”. Troubleshooting ESX/ESXi ressources, performances, resources contention, all this might be difficult at first. There is a new Free PDF resource document available from German speaking blogger Andi Lesslhumer which might help to understand and learn some ESXTOP tricks.  The document is in English. The first version […]