Guacamole – HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop

Guacamole is an HTML 5 web application which enables you to access remote desktop via browser. It’s a HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop web application. There are no plugins or software needed on the client side and that’s the principal advantage over traditional remote access solution. Guacamole uses HTTP or HTTPS protocols only, so it’s ideal when wanting to access from the outside world protected by corporate firewall. No other ports are necessary.

Guacamole supports the main versions of Linux. Distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora are supported by Guacamole. The creator, Michael Jumper provides the tool for free where the printed manual can be purchased through Amazon. Another way to support his work, than donations.

Guacamole is a remote desktop gateway. The Guacamole software is split into multiple packages, one package providing the web application, others providing the native components (proxy daemon and library) or support for specific protocols (VNC and RDP). You’ll be able to find the installation instructions in the manual.

Guacamole HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop

What’s the features?

  • Remote access for windows or Linux desktops
  • Remote Sound support
  • Copy Paste between remote desktops

The quality of image and sound is very good and I was impressed by the responsiveness that you can see in the video. By having a possibility to use your browser for HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop access is very nice. You could also probably read my article with HD video on accessing VMware View desktops via HTML 5 compatible browser: Horizon View 5.2 HTML 5 Access by using VMware Blast – My HD Video.

Here is a short video presenting Guacamole software – enjoy… -:)

The software can be downloaded from the project’s page here:



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  1. Nicolas says


    Last month, I have tried to install Guacamole on a Linux Debian 6 or 7.
    I have always the message “Server Error” with RDP
    It’s working fine with SSH

    I have followed all procedure step by step…

    Some could help me ?

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