Reducing the Cost of Delivering Compute Services in vCloud Environments

vCD adds an additional layer of complexity when it comes to managing VMs and vApps belonging to vCD.  Those VMs and resources to be cost effective, must be right sized, placed on the right tier of storage to match business needs and SLAs, and at the same time achieve this with least administrative effort.

Why not offload those decisions, to maintain the usage of resources at optimal level, and to be sure that the application get just the resources they need to operate at the correct performance level.

Reducing the cost of delivering compute services in VMware vCD environmentsThere is a new paper from VMturbo which discusses that. VMturbo Enables 20-30% or more gains in hardware efficiency and densities above and beyond native hypervisor tools :

  • Enables more cost-effective and timely hardware and software purchase decisions
  • Reduces man hours and skills required for incidents and problem management
  • Increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn

Download the paper from this link – Reducing the Cost of Delivering Compute Services in vCloud Environments

This new paper discusses possible costs reductions in vCloud Director Environments.

In a typical IaaS environment, there can literally be thousands of interdependent decisions that must be made in real time on an ongoing basis to drive and maintain the infrastructure in an optimally efficient and performant state—from virtual machine placement on hosts and datastores, to virtual machine sizing and underlying hardware provisioning and de-deprovisioning. Adding virtual data centers (vDCs) to this chain of resources drives further complexity, impacting ongoing infrastructure optimization decisions, operations management processes and customer reporting capabilities.

VMturbo recently introduced VMturbo Operations Manager 4.0. They also provide free tool called Virtual Health Monitor, which is Multi-hypervizor tool and can span multiple datacenters or hosts. No number of hosts limitations or VMs limitation. The Virtual Health Monitor is Free Download and use product. Packaged as single Virtual Appliance. Completely agent-less solution.

Download the paper from this link – Reducing the Cost of Delivering Compute Services in vCloud Environments

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