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VMware Certifications – New look and free PDF. VMware Certification path has changed few months back. It’s worth to mention that the The VMware Education site got new redesign. The certification structure change about which you were able to read about in my earlier post – New VMware Certification Roadmap, you have multiple choices to specialize further in VMware technology.

There is also a PDF which has been released with new graphics representing the up-to-date information about which courses are currently available, and which ones are in preparation.

You can get this PDF by going to VMware Education – Public Course Catalog page and click up right on the link, which will lead you to the document.

VMware Certification Roadmap

The document itself is a 2 pages PDF which recap all available certifications and levels. With three levels of possible certification:

– Professional
– Advanced Professional
– Expert

Depending on your interest, which specialization you’ll take, the Cloud, Datacenter Virtualization, End user Computing or Cloud Application platform, you can build your skills starting with the VCP as a base certification.

As you can see, the Advanced professional level of certifications, for example the Cloud section still have some exams that are in preparation. But it will give you a good overview and choice you have.

VMware Certifications

For the “Cloud” oriented branch:

VCP-Cloud New
VCAP-CID  New –  CID stands for Cloud Infrastructure Design.

VCP-Cloud – 2 possible paths:

VCP-IaaSPath 1. You’re VCP5-DCV – then you can just pass the IaaS exam. There is a non required course called VMware vCloud: Deploy and Manage the VMware Cloud.

Path 2: You’re not VCP5-DCV – then you must attend the VMware vCloud: Deploy and Manage the VMware Cloud.

The IaaS exam has VCPVCD510 exam has 85 questions and a short pre-exam survey consisting of 8 questions. By passing the exam, you’ll validate your vCD knowledges.

There is a Iaas Blueprint (latest version 1.2), which will give you the necessary guidelines for your study.

Wha’s knowledges are necessary?

– Install and Configure vCloud Director
– Administer Users, Roles, and Privileges in a vCloud
– Configure and Administer vCenter Chargeback
– vCloud Networking, and vCloud Organizations
– Allocate and Manage vCloud Resources
– Create and Administer vCloud Catalogs
– Monitor a vCloud Implementation

To be able to achieve the VCAP-CID certification level and pass the exam, you’ll have to:

1. Be VCP5-DCV or VCP-Cloud or VCAP5-DCA or VCAP5-DCD or VCDX5-DCV     ……

2. Pass the VCAP-CID exam. As a side note that if you’re already VCAP5-DCA or VCAP5-DCD or VCDX5 and you pass the VCAP-CID exam, you’l automatically inherit the VCP-Cloud Certification.

The VMware Education page: VMware Education – Public Course Catalog

For the “Datacenter Virtualization” oriented branch:

VCDX5 New 

The VCDX 5 can be achieved  by two different ways:

Path 1: By upgrading your existing VCDX 4 certification: Pass VCP5-DV and pass VCAP-DCD exam….

Path 2: Be VCAP5-DCA  and also VCAP-DCD  > then submit VCDX5 application that is accepted > and present and defend a VMware vSphere based VI design and implementation plan.

For the “End User Computing” oriented branch:

VCAP-DTD New  –  The DTD stands for “Desktop Design”

To became VCAP-DTD you’ll have to:

1. You have to be VCP5-DT certified, which is desktop version of the VCP5 certification OR be VCP5-DV.

2. Then you’ll have to pass the VCAP-DTD Exam

The VMware Education Page: VMware Education – Public Course Catalog

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  1. says

    Yes there is not single one VCP510 exam now, but for each branch (Desktop, Datacenter, Cloud) a different VCP exam….

    VCP-Cloud……… Cloud
    VCP-DV…….. Datacenter

    Clear enough I believe…. 

  2. Alexandru says

    Yes, it’s clear enough, but… now I’m preparing for VCP510 exam. With new changes it means I have to study from another blueprint and not the default one, right?
    And moreover, take the decision with exam I would like to pass: VCP-DV or VCP-Cloud. I think VCP-DV is closer to VCP510. I mean in the idea of the content an scope of exam…

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