VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager

VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager 1.0 released.

VMware has released VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager version 1.0 today. Managing several hypervisors through a single pane of glass, that’s something that quite expected today, and it seems that VMware has reacted by publishing new plugin for VMware vSphere 5.1 called VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager Plugin (MHM). This plugin can get installed on the new vSphere Windows client only.

On the other hand, several tasks are possible to do only through the new vSphere Web client only. Good read over at VMware blog – Which vSphere client should I use and when?

Quick quote from the product page:

The vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager plug-in provides a separate inventory tree and management functionality for third-party hypervisors in the vSphere Client.

VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager – the capabilities and features.

  • Third-party host management including add, remove, connect, disconnect and view the host configuration.
  • Ability to provision virtual machines on third-party hosts.
  • Ability to edit virtual machine settings.
  • Integrated vCenter Server authorization mechanism across ESX and third-party hosts inventories for privileges, roles, and users.
  • Automatic discovery of pre-existing third-party virtual machines
  • Ability to perform power operations with hosts and virtual machines.
  • Ability to connect and disconnect DVD, CD-ROM, and floppy drives and images to install operating systems.

VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager has two parts. A server part and client part. The client part installs on the same machine as the vSphere client.

The server part can be installed on vCenter server or on separate server. Note that only vCenter Server 5.1 is supported.

How to get through the installation?

I had to search a bit since the domain admin account, which I’m using to connect to vCenter server, did not have enabled logon as a service priviledge. Once enabled, the installer (of the server part) continues without trouble.

(To enable this privilege, just follow this Microsoft Technet article).

The vCenter Multi-Hypervisor plugin (client part) gets installed in this way:

01. Through the vSphere Client, connect to the vCenter Server system > Menu Plugins > Manage Plug-ins.

02. Click Download and Install for the VMware vCenter MHM plug-in. The installation wizard for the vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager client plug-in opens. Agree to the lic. agrement > click next > Install > Finish > Close window > Done.

Which hypervisors are supported?

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2

As for now, as you can see, the windows server 2012 Hyper-V is not supported.

The vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager plug-in is installed in the vSphere Client, and the Third-Party Hosts icon appears under Inventory in the vSphere Client.

VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager

Where to get the product?

VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervisor Manager 1.0 | 19 Nov 2012 | Build 901315 | Product Download


The Full Release Notes of the VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervizor Manager.

Few KBs from VMware where you’ll learn the ins and outs for VMware vCenter Multi-Hypervizor Manager.

Source: VMware

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