Top vBlog 2015 – Check it Out!

Gigabyte mobo with 64Gb DDR3 and 4930K Intel i7 CPU

Here we go. 2015 and Top vBlog voting. Once again, Eric Siebert from is organizing the Top Virtualization Blog. This year with Infinio as an official sponsor. Not all blogs are equal. Not all of them are updated all year long, so as a result they are less known, they get less traffic, and perhaps they […]

VMTN Is Back – 365 Days Evaluation Licenses For 9 VMware Products Through VMUG Advantage


A great news which just came out through Twitter with a speed of light. VMware is announcing a 365 Evaluation licenses for selected VMware products. It’s a great news for IT pros which runs VMware labs at home for learning VMware technology! It’s been some time since VMware was listening…. since 2011! But now it’s a reality. The […]

VMware Black Friday Sale – Fusion 7 and Fusion 7 Pro with 30% Discount

VMware Fusion 7

VMwares Black Friday Sale Starts Tomorrow! If you’re planning to invest in VMware Fusion, note that you’ll get 30 % Off the price during Black Friday week end. VMware Fusion 7 has been optimized for Yosemmite and has been detailed in my post here. Some of the highlights: Allocate Up to 2GB of video memory to […]

Another Alternative to Microsoft’s SQL Management Studio

Query Designer

In my post 5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft SQL Management Studio I’ve mentioned five products that can manage SQL databases and can be used as alternatives to Microsoft SQL Management Studio. I’m sure that there is even more tools that exists, but today I’ll show you Another alternative to Microsoft’s SQL Management Studio which exists as a […]

When Your Favorite Vendor Will Turn Into Indoor Farming Business?

Toshiba producing Lettuce

It’s kinda cool to see vendors like Fujitsu, Sharp or now Toshiba to really go green. I mean producing salads and lettuces in indoor, clean facilities – Indoor Farming Business. No, it’s really no joke and it makes sense. After Sharp producing strawberies in Dubai, Fujitsu has started to grow lettuces in sterilized clean rooms […]

Patching and Patching – Set it and forget for Routers Is The way To Go


Enterprise Administrators to keep their systems up to date are usually in situation when they have to deal with tons of patches. Depending on many factors like for example how many different OS and types of OS they run in their (virtualized) environments. Patching of VMs or physical servers is important, however patching of routers […]