How-to uninstall completely a VMware product if the uninstall process fails

Sometimes it just happens. You want to uninstall for example a VMware workstation from your computer, and you have an error saying that the uninstaller is corrupted. Then you try to delete the Program files/vmware folder and you leave a bunch of files all over your system folder and registry. What to do? You have several options.

Before you make things worst and you seriously damage your windows installation why not to try a third party uninstall software. You can also restore your PC from clean backup using third party tools like Acronis or Symantec BESR (tools which you can also use to do V2P conversions ). But, if you did not make an Acronis Image? Then……

Be a local Admin.

Before you read any further, make sure that you are a local Admin of the PC where you want to uninstall the VMware product.

Use the Microsoft CleanUp utility.

If this previous steps prove unsuccessful, you might find a utility provided by Microsoft helpful. You can find instructions and a link to the utility in Microsoft knowledge base article 290301 at;en-us;290301.


Run the VMware registry cleaner script.

The registry cleaner utility removes all registry keys used by the installers for Workstation 3.1, Workstation 3.2, Workstation 4.x, Workstation 5.x, Workstation 6.x, GSX Server 2.x, GSX Server 3.0, GSX Server 3.1, ACE Manager 1.0, ACE 1.0, VmPerl 2.0, VmPerl 3.0, VmCOM 2.0, and VmCOM 3.0.

If you are running the Workstation 5.x or 6.x installer. Run the installer command with the /c switch, which will automatically remove the MSI installer registration information for VMware Workstation.

VMware-workstation-<version>.exe /c

For example:

VMware-workstation-5.0.0-13124.exe /c VMware-workstation-5.5.0-18463.exe /c

Source: Wmware Knowledgebase

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  1. tonysavage says

    Fantastic :-)

    I have been searching everywhere for this solution, there was no trace of VMware left on the machine that I could see and I have also tried the MS uninstall and a rather good reg cleaner.

  2. derssawi says

    thanks for help i try the secound solution and it work (Microsoft CleanUp utility) it remove vmware completly and i can now install other vmware thanks again

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