How-to rename VMNIC in VMware ESXi

How to rename vmnic

The problem of assigning different name to your VMNIC is not new. Several sources reported  NIC enumeration that occurs after applying a BIOS update, resulting a connectivity loss. But there is a way to fix it even if rename VMNIC in VMware ESXi through the UI isn’t possible. In my case it was simple a cosmetic […]

How to publish RDS application in Horizon View 6

RDS applications on Horizon VIew 6

Horizon 6 announced few days back brought a clearly new wind into the desktop virtualization space. Where in the past the VDI was often subject of performance and cost, see ROI. We might see this changing, is the 2014 finally the year of the VDI? Yesterday’s post showed How to add RDS functionality to Horizon View […]

Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8.x

Elevated command prompt Windows 8.x

One of the annoyances of W8.x OS (there are others too) is the fact that pressing WIN (Windows) + R and then typing cmd gives you command prompt window, but without elevated privileges. This is quite annoying because even with being member of the local administrator group you get restricted on that – you need Elevated Command […]

ESXi 5.x – Managing and troubleshooting NAS/NFS datastores via CLI


One of the topics to master for VCAP-DCA exam (but not only) is to handle some CLI commands which enables NFS management.  Those commands can list existing connected NFS storage, Add new storage or delete NAS file system. Those commands are also useful when you troubleshoot your NFS storage or when your NFS server has […]

IIS and PHP Setup – The Easy Way On Windows Server 2012 With Web Platform Installer

Microsoft Web Platform for Easy Install

There is many ways to do an IIS and PHP Setup on Windows machine. It was much more complicated before, as now with Microsoft Platform Installer things got much easier. I wanted to share my experience with that. But before we’ll start the few steps process, lets see which different possibilities exists to install a WAMP […]

VCAP Diary – VMware vSphere Host Profiles

VMware vSphere Host Profile

VMware vSphere Host profiles is one of the very powerful features which can ease much pain of reconfiguring manually options after re-installing a host. vSphere host profiles can apply to individual hosts or to a whole cluster, which can be especially useful when you deal with the same or similar hardware inside this cluster. Host […]