Best practices for using VMware Converter


Some best practices using VMware Converter. New video from VMware KB website. This time it’s about using VMware converter. To master VMware converter permits you sometimes to save your day too …..   ( had an Error unable to access a file since it is locked” ). This video provides an overview of the best practices for converting […]

“Error unable to access a file since it is locked” – how did I do to save my day

vmware converter-convert machine wizard

I had this error in my lab when I was trying to power on a virtual machine with Exchange 2007 installed in it. It’s a testing VM. Since It’s testing VM I did not keep any backup for this VM. I might should….. -:( But then… what to do? I had two options: 01. Google […]

VMware Cold Clone to convert your physical machines, where to get it?


Where to download VMware Cold Clone. Update: You can find this tool through my VMware Free Tools page, I’ve added a direct download link from my Dropbox folder there.  I’m not sure that the original link when this article was written still works. I hope you will find it useful. You cannot do a hot […]

Vmware vCenter Converter 4.0 Standalone is out

Multiple Conversion task available !

New VMware Converter is out and available. Few months ago I did the BETA testing here so you might already saw the new wizard with the expandable side, which is cool. There is several new features in the new version of the software. One of the most exciting features is the possibility to convert multiple […]

Little trick on converting your physical machines with VMware Converter

How to convert physical machines with VMware Converter Starter edition. Converting your virtual machines with VMware converter could be quite lenthy process. So if you want to to consolidate physical servers to virtual servers, the easiest way to do this is to perform a physical to virtual (P2V) conversion. With a P2V conversion, you can use either […]