vOps Server Explorer 6.3 released – Two More Free tools integrated

vKernel (Dell) has announced new update to popular vOps Server Explorer – a free tool for virtualization admins running vSphere, RHEV or Hyper-V. This new release brings in two additional tools to existing free tools present in this free software bundle. The detailed article about the previous release – version 6 can be found here. I detailed there the free tools already present in vOps Server Explorer. Three of them:

Environment Explorer – quick look at your environment, number of VMs, snapshots, capacity…
vScope Explorer – “heat map” of performance within your environment, instant visibility …
Search My VM – a Google like searches with export feature (pdf, xls, XML), filters…

What’s New in vOps Server Explorer 6.3?

Two new free tools has been added to the vKernel’s free suite.

1. Storage Explorer – present as an additional TAB, this tool brings performance and capacity view of your datastores and VMs. Can help you to find out if you overcomiting your datastores, if you running low on storage or experiencing a high latency. Also the tool shows VMFS version across your infrastructure. At the VM level, the tool is capable to detect some VM issues, like space issues on the guest level, high latency and throughput.

The Storage Explorer view has two parts. On the left side there is the datastore level, and on the right side it’s the VM level. You can click to enlarge.

vOps Server Explorer - Storage Explorer

The columns are clickable, so you can sort each column by the highest latency, highest throughput etc… And as you can imagine, the red color presents some higher latency datastores (on the left) or VMs (on the right).

2. Change Explorer – the tool lists all changes that happened in your datacenter. Changes to the datacenters, clusters, ressource pools, hosts, datastores and VMs are monitored. The monitoring is done for the last 7 days only. You can obviously get monitored longer periods in the full product, which can be easily activated, without re-installation of the whole suite.

So you’re able to see which user made which change where. Amazing? Quite yes, because it gaves you the possibility to track and see which changes has been made to some VM, where users starts to complain. You can possibly see if the changes are to be kept or not, or investigate deeper the problem.

The same as in the Storage Explorer, the columns are “sortable”, so you can sort for example by date, or by Impact risk.

vOps Server Explorer - Changes Explorer

Environment Explorer Enhancements

The latest release of vKernel’s tool enhances further the Environment explorer tool by adding additional informations to the overview page.  As new information, we can find now VM Density,  Zombie VMs (in the Inefficiency and waste section), Rightsizing Savings and Changes.

vOps Server Explorer - Environment Explorer

Better connection manager

The tool has also improved the way it manages connections to the different virtualization platforms. Now when you click the log Off button (at the top right, next to the Change Explorer), it brings up a connection window, where you can easily reconnect to another vCenter server, or Hyper-V, RHEL…..

vOps Server Explorer - connection manager enhancments

vKernel (Dell) continues to innovate, and brings more and more free tools to this popular free tool. The latest version of vOps Server Explorer, the  version 6.3 can be downloaded from the Dell’s/vKernels website here.

This free tool is part of my Free tools page I’m updating on regular basis with the best free tools for virtual infrastructure running VMware vSphere, Hyper-V or RHEL.

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