How-to use Veeam Backup NFS used for storing ISOs in your VMware vSphere Infrastructure

vPower NFS

If you’re using only block storage in your organization and NFS isn’t your your choice, you might possibly store your Installation ISOs and other files on one of your iSCSI datastore. This always works, but it’s certainly cheaper to store such a files on other than high-end 15000 SAS disks placed in probably very expensive SAN which […]

Unitrends (PHD) Virtual Backup 8.0 Product Review


I recently tested a beta version of the Unitrends Virtual Backup v 8.0 (previously PHD Virtual) product. While I have reviewed PHD products in the past, I immediately noticed the major interface re-design on this new release. In fact, this virtual backup product now has over 120 new features and enhancements according to Unitrends with […]

Veeam 7 Patch 4 to assure VSAN and SQL 2014 Compatibility

Veeam 7 patch4 and component upgrade

You may have missed that when it was officially announced by Veem few weeks ago. Veeam has released 4th patch for their flagship datacenter backup software – Veeam Backup and Replication 7.0. It’s a cumulative update, so you don’t have to install the previous 3 patches. The patch assures compatibility with VMware VSAN as previously […]

VDP Advanced Can Backup Applications Which Aren’t Virtualized Yet – Did You Know?

VMware VDP Advanced

I found out about it when browsing the VDP advanced FAQ – check the document from VDP advanced page at VMware. VDP Advanced Can Backup Applications Which Aren’t Virtualized. I have seen many businesses which still keeps some of their workflows on physical servers, like SQL or Exchange. That’s where VDP advanced can be used, […]

Zerto 3.5 Integrates Offsite Backup To The Replication Capabilities

Zerto Offsite Backup Architecture

Zerto Virtual Replication product gets more robust with more features for VMware administrators wanting to protect their workflows by replicating to the DR sites. Zerto 3.5 Integrates Offsite Backup To The Replication Capabilities which shows that it’s possible to protect workflows a different ways. The offsite backup feature of Zerto 3.5 is one of many enhancements of Zerto’s […]

How-to restart VMware VDP webservices if you can’t login to web configuration interface

How-to restart management webservice in VMware VDP

The other day I played with VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) in my lab and in one moment I wasn’t able to connect into the appliance via the web interface configuration address. You need to know how-to restart VDP webservices. By default the connection URL  looks something like this: https://<your_vdp_ip_adress>:8543/vdp-configure/ The appliance was showing corectly the IP […]

5 Myths about VDP advanced – see yourself

VDP 5.5 advanced - backup verfification

VMware has published an article on vSphere SMB blog concerning VDP advanced (VDPA) – an advanced backup solution from VMware. The product follows per CPU licensing model and offers 8TB of deduplicated backup capacity. There are apparently some myths around which are explained in the article. One of them is agentless vs with-agent approach for […]

Learning Veeam Backup and Replication for VMware vSphere – New Book

Learning Veeam Backup and Replication for VMware vSphere

There is a new book that has been written by a fellow blogger Christian Mohn (@hobbel). The book was published under Packt publishing but is available also through major online stores like Amazon. Printed or Kindle versions are available. The book is destined for VMware administrators who is looking to protect virtual infrastructure by using one of […]

Nakivo 4 Released with Exchange Objects Recovery, Log Truncation and backup verification


Nakivo 4.0 GA version has been released today bringing a feature that not every backup product offers out of the box – Exchange Objects recovery. Where some backup products needs agents in an Exchange Sever VM and others simply do not offer individual Exchange Objects recovery, Nakivo brings this feature to the backup market today. I […]

Trilead Enterprise Backup and Replication for VMware and Hyper-V Announced

Trilead VM Explorer

Trilead is preparing some big changes in it’s product’s range as the product just went out with 5.1 RC version which brings a very interesting features for VMware and Hyper-V users. Features that will be present in new edition of Trilead Entreprise 5.1, but can be already tested with the 5.1 RC version. Those enterprise […]