Unitrends Virtual Backup FREE for VMware – Product Review

Unitrends Free Virtual Backup

Unitrends has a new FREE product allowing you to backup/recover VMs running under VMware or Hyper-V environments. The free version has no limits in functions, only in capacity so you’re able to use this product over an unlimited time period with full functionality. The only limits on your backups is the amount of protected data. […]

Veeam Endpoint Backup 1.1 With Universal Restore (Dissimilar Hardware) enhancements

Veeam Endpoint Backup 1.1

Veeam Endpoint Backup 1.1 was released few days ago to in first point assure a compatibility with Windows 10. Even though it was possible to use a simple trick without upgrading to Endpoint 1.1, the reason why you might be interested to upgrade (for Free) to this latest reease is the fact that this new […]

RecoverPoint 4.3 for VMs – Free DR product for VMware with multi-site protection

RecoverPoint for VMs

There is a new software available for VMware vSphere and the good news is that it’s completely free. It’s called RecoverPoint and it comes out from EMC. The software is free, but if you’d like to have support, you must pay for the support. RecoverPoint 4.3 for VMs can replicate source RDMs (Raw Device Mappings) […]

Nakivo Backup 5.7 Adds vSphere 6 compatibility, VSAN 2.0 support and more…

Microsoft Exchange Object Recovery

Nakivo Backup and Replication has just released new version of their flagship software which brings compatibility with latest VMware vSphere 6 version and some other features that we’ll discuss in this post. In case you don’t know Nakivo I’d suggest to read one of my previous posts about their architecture and features that they have […]

Nakivo Backup and Replication 5.6 innovates with visual verification after backup

Nakivo Backup and Replication 5.6

Nakivo has released new version of their flagship product Nakivo Backup and Replication 5.6. This new release brought in an interesting verification function which enables IT administrators to automatically check if the latest backup is fine (or not). If the VM can actually boot up. In fact, a screenshot of the VM, after its boot […]

Zerto Virtual Replication 4 Released

Zerto Virtual Replication 4

Zerto Virtual Replication 4 has been released. Together with latest VMware vSphere 6 support, the product has added new and useful functions and also got a “new coat” – A full HTML 5 based user interface. When I wrote about Zerto last time, they were preparing a new module which would allow to support different hypervisors at an almost-real […]

Veeam v8 Update 2 Adds vSphere 6 Compatibility and backup of FT enabled VMs

Veeam Endpoint Backup Restore possibilities

Long awaited Veeam v8 Update 2 brings compatibility for vSphere 6.0, but with that also a possibility to (finally) backup FT protected VMs. Veeam Backup and Replication v8 Update 2 allows also the IT admin to use free Veeam Endpoint Backup in his/her environment, to monitor/restore files from those within the Veeam v8 backup console as those Endpoint […]

Rackware for vCloud Air – DR scenarios for Virtual and Physical Workloads

RackWare App DR for VMware vCloud Air allows enterprises to leverage vCloud Air as an off-premises Disaster Recovery data center

In my latest article on Rackware I have reported about their solution based on Rackware Management Module (RMM) which is used for DR scenarios for Virtual and Physical Workloads. The disaster recovery scenario uses RMM installed within vCloud Air which orchestrates the DR and syncing all the workloads you need to protect: Virtual and physical. You might […]

Free Veeam Endpoint Backup Released

Veeam Endpoint Backup

Veeam has finally released  Free Veeam Endpoint Backup software. It’s free and will always stays free. Veeam Endpoint Backup is destined to protect physical computers/laptops by creating image level backups (note: can also do file level backup, but is slower) where the 1st backup is Full and the next backups are incremental. You can restore the […]