How-to use VMware vCenter Server Support Assistant 6.0

vCenter Support Assistant

VMware vCenter Server Support Assistant 6.0 is Free virtual appliance (and plugin) which aims to help to proactively monitor your environment for alerts and recommended fixes. It allows to receive alerts or monthly status emails. The appliance helps when filling up support requests for VMware (reactive support) as it collects and attaches the diagnostic information […]

Configure vCenter Server After Install – Lab Time

Configure vCenter Server 6 after install

vCenter server installation got really simple in vSphere 6, but the config isn’t that evident if you’re new to virtualization and VMware. In this post I’ll do a walk-through on the configuration steps of vCenter. It does not matter if you have deployed vCenter server on Windows or if you have deployed vCenter server appliance […]

How to backup and restore vPostgres database on VCSA 6

How to backup vPostgres DB on VCSA 6

After the release of VMware vSphere 6, the vCenter Server Appliance 6 (Linux) has a possibility to run vPostgres internal DB. The VCSA with vPostgress DB can support up to up to 1000 hosts and 10,000 VMs using the embedded database. If you running vCenter server 6 appliance (VCSA) the built in vPostgres database can be backed […]

Install ESXi 6 to USB as Destination or Have it as Source (USB installer)

Install ESXi USB

VMware ESXi hypervisor can be installed on USB stick, but you can also create USB stick which contains ESXi installer in case your server does not have CD/DVD drive. You could see in my previous post when wrote small tutorial on Install VMware ESXi on USB memory stick by using Unetbootin Freeware. I received few questions through […]

vCenter Appliance 6.0 – Simplified Scripted Installation

vCenter appliance 6 scripted ideployment

VMware vCenter Appliance 6.0 can be deployed in two different manners. Through the GUI as I detailed that in my post here, or second way – by using scripted installation. Scripted installation allows you to stay consistent when deploying multiple isolated sites with multiple vCenter Appliances and PSC for example. Now if you’re not a scripting […]

vSphere 6 – How To Backup vCenter 6 vPostgres Database On Windows

Backing Up and Restoring the Embedded vCenter Server Database

VMware vSphere 6 release brought more robust vPostgres Database which gets installed by default when installing on Windows Server. For users willing to install the Windows version of vCenter Server 6 VMware has prepared a script which can be used to backup/restore the vPostgres Database. So in this post I’ll walk you through: vSphere 6 – How […]

vSphere 6.0 vCenter Server 6 Windows 2012 R2 Install Guide (With External SQL Server DB)

You'll need SQL server native client

VMware vSphere 6.0 has brought simplified deployment model where the dependency on Microsoft SQL server is reduced by using the built-in vPostgre SQL provided by VMware. Supported databases for the windows installation are SQL 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014, Oracle 11g and 12c as well as the option to use an embedded vPostgres database. vPostgres on […]