How-to update vCenter Operations Manager to the latest release

How to Upgrade vCenter Operations manager to the latest release

VMware has made the upgrade of their products based on Linux VMs, most of the time called Virtual Appliances, very easy. Today I’ll show you How-to update vCenter Operations Manager to the latest release. In fact there is a single file to download with extension PAK. This file is then loaded through the admin UI and [...]

Free Tool for Nested ESXi Labs – ESXi Mac Learning dvFilter


There is a free utility called ESXi MAC learning dvFilter released by VMware Labs last week. This utility is provided as a VIB and installs on the physical ESXi host, not on the virtual ESXi hosts. I learned about it by reading posts from William Lam and Andreas Peetz. ESXi Mac Learning dvFilter is kind of [...]

Backup and Restore ESXi Configuration with PowerCLI

ESXi backup config with PowerCLI

In some situations you might need to backup or restore configuration of your ESXi host. This can be done with several tools with GUI front end or you can use tools diretly built-in ESXi and vSphere. And that’s what we will explore today. There might be a situation where the only choice is what you already have [...]

How-to Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows – Three Ways To Do It

How to disable User access control via GPO

UAC aka User Account Control has been here since Vista and it’s been hated by the end users and admins all over. It’s one of the first things that users asking to deactivate when setting up a desktop for someone or in VDI deployments when optimizing the master image. User account control = pain. So [...]

How-to install vSphere Client on Domain Controller or Use a Workaround

How-to install vSphere Client on Domain Controller

By default it’s just not possible. The installation of the vSphere Client fails with a message saying the as a requirements the management station has to be running XP SP2 and not a domain controler. There might be a situations where in some very small shops you find a single ESXi box with a single [...]

How to Add Padding and Border to Images in WordPress

TinyMCE Advanced

Since the release of WordPress 3.9 the advanced options for images are gone. It’s no longer possible to use the previous options which allowed to put margins and padding, or image border. In the old version you click on an image, click advanced settings and here you go, you can edit image properties – border, vertical space, [...]