Super Control Panel For Windows 7/8/10 – God Mode [Guide]

Super Control Panel - God Mode

Today’s post is a lightweight post, easy to do tweak on your Windows Workstation or laptop. The tweak you perhaps heard about, it’s about some kind of Super control panel also called Windows “God mode” which allows to access via single folder to everything, or almost. Most of the settings you usually access on Windows is […]

Three Ways to Downgrade Virtual Machine Hardware Version

Create New VM with desired virtual hardware and attach existing virtual disk

If you need to downgrade virtual hardware version of your VM there are several choices. I have previously wrote about this possibility and why one would want to do it here and here (for Wkst local VMs only). Basically VMware supports three ways to downgrade virtual machine hardware version. But first let’s go back in time […]

How to Install VMware VCSA 6.0

How to deploy VCSA 6.0

VMware VCSA (vCenter Server appliance) is more robust and more scalable. Details in my post which has the details of vCenter server 6.0 (Windows and Linux versions). While deployment of Windows based vCenter server is probbably more usuall in the enterprise, the VCSA isn’t that popular just yet. The reason is certainly the previous limitations […]

How to Understand VMware Acceptance Levels for Hosts and VIBs

ESX Cli software vib remove

VMware Acceptance Levels are two sorts. Acceptance levels for VIBs and acceptance levels for hosts. The VIB acceptance levels can’t be changed but the host’s acceptance levels can. As an example for installing custom VIB in you homelab environment you need to change the host acceptance level otherwise the VIB won’t installs. How to understand VMware […]

[How-to] Failure Configuring Windows Updates Reverting Changes Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 issue

Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows Server 2012

You might encounter this error when there is a power loss during the update process. You’ll see this message “Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes” which basically tells you that Windows is undoing the changes (uninstalling patches.. perhaps). Sometimes manual intervention is necessary as the updates fails to install (even after several reboots).  The problem […]

How-to setup Bginfo on Startup for All users and other Bginfo tips

BGinfo - details about your system

Bginfo can show different information about the system you’re logged in. Those informations shows on the desktop/server you’re logged in. People usually asks how to setup Bginfo on startup for all users and I’ll show you how. If you’re admin or IT professional or enthusiast you probably know already this free software which is not […]