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The principal VMware Certified Professional certification pages:

VCP Certifications

NEW: VMware has announced new certification to the already crowded number of certifications. There is four VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification. And with good news is that there is no obligatory training in order to pass those certifications and get the VCA certification!

So for example to became the VCA-DCV you can (it’s recommended only – not an obligation) follow the VMware Data Center Virtualization fundamentals, which is a freely accessible online course.


Here is a certification Road map from VMware.

VMware Certification Roadmap

VMware Training by VMware Education.

There is a large choice of Official Vmware Training courses. There are training for every level of people: beginner, confirmed, advanced.

VMware vSphere – Install, configure, manage [v5] – VCP 510 training is the base. This training is for people willing to get certified on VCP 5.

But what’s next? What would be the next step after getting the VCP 5? With many offerings for VMware Training you might be interested in passing a VCAP.. Check out my experience from VCAPs here (VCAP5-DCD), or here for the VCAP5-DCA.