StarWind Virtual SAN Product Review

Starwind Virtual SAN Two Node Review

StarWind Virtual SAN is a software based solution allowing to create a shared storage for VMware ESXi hypervisor. Not only that StarWind can create a shared storage, but it can also be a pool of HA and fault-tolerant storage served to hypervisor’s VMs. VMware vSphere and Hyper-V are supported platforms, but today I’ll focus on […]

Unitrends (PHD) Virtual Backup 8.0 Product Review


I recently tested a beta version of the Unitrends Virtual Backup v 8.0 (previously PHD Virtual) product. While I have reviewed PHD products in the past, I immediately noticed the major interface re-design on this new release. In fact, this virtual backup product now has over 120 new features and enhancements according to Unitrends with […]

VMware vSphere Management Essentials – Book Review

VMware vSphere Management Essentials

I recently got a hand on a new book published by PACKT publishing called VMware vSphere Resource Management Essentials by Jonathan Frappier. This book is up to date guide for VMware administrators willing to start learning VMware technology from the ground up. Jonathan Frappier is an experienced IT professional who holds an advanced VMware certifications like […]

Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.4 Product Review

Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.4

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) 7.4 for VMware vSphere and Hyper-V is a newly released version of Unitrend’s Enterprise backup solution. The product brings a very innovative set of features that offer additional functionality to a product that is already packed with benefits that enable you to reliably protect enterprise workloads. But before diving into each […]

ReliableDR for VMware vSphere – Disaster recovery solution for SMB, Enterprises and Cloud Providers

ReliableDR Array Based Replication Setup

ReliableDR for VMware vSphere is a product that offers very interesting orchestration, automation and replication capabilities, but most importantly, automation of the whole DR testing and validating process. ReliableDR has been designed especially for VMware vSphere.  The product was acquired just recently by PHD Virtual and further enhanced in the 3.1 release which has just come out. Reliable […]

PHD Virtual 6.2 CloudHook – Product Review

PHD Virtual 6.2 CloudHook

PHD Virtual has updated their backup product PHD Virtual backup & Replication, to enable IT administrators leverage cloud storage directly as backup destination. PHD Virtual CloudHook is the latest update. The newest feature allows to setup cloud storage as a backup destination, directly from within the UI. The product is able to backup VMs directly […]

Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0 Product Review

Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0

Today I will show you the installation and configuration of Zerto Virtual Replication 2.0 (ZVR) product for VMware vSphere. Zerto as a specialist in the matter has released already second release of their replication product. Zerto Virtual Replication is a product destined for enterprises which do need to protect VMs and applications. Protecting VMs by replicating to […]

LoadMaster VLM virtual appliance by Kemp Technologies

LoadMastere VLM packaging

LoadMaster VLM Virtual Appliance – install and configure. KEMP Technologies is a load Balancing specialist offering both virtual and hardware-based solutions. For the virtual appliance, VMware vSphere, ESX, ESXi, Workstation, Player and Server along with Xen and Hyper-V are all currently supported. The virtual appliance can be downloaded HERE. Today we will focus on the […]

PHD Virtual Backup 6.0

PHD Virtual Backup 6.0

PHD Virtual Backup 6.0 – Backup, Restore, Replication and Instant recovery. PHD Virtual has released their new version of backup software for VMware vSphere environments. PHD Virtual backup 6.0 comes up with several completely new features. Those features that are specific to virtualized environments. In this review I’ll focus more on those new features instead […]