VMware Horizon Workspace Reviewer’s Guide – The “Ultimate” one

A very nice PDF which has been released by VMware to give an excellent almost step-by-step guide called VMware Horizon Workspace Reviewer’s Guide, with many screenshots for implementation of the newly released VMware Horizon Workspace. I already detailed VMware Horizon Workspace with many screenshots in my posts, but for the implementation I haven’t had the chance yet as the product suite has just been released.  The single appliance is quite large in size (over 5 Gb), packed as a single OVA file.

The PDF document from VMware will give you opportunity to install and configure the product.

VMware Horizon Workspace Reviewer’s Guide – The Authors:

  • Rory Clements, Solutions Architect in End-User Computing at VMware
  • Muthu Somasundaram, Product Marketing, Vertical Solutions, End-User Computing at VMware wrote this document. 

VMware Horizon Workspace Reviewer's Guide

Through the document, which is really good, you’ll learn all the components which are included and also you’ll see for example the minimum supported configuration: The appliances in total will consume as the minimum configuration, 8vCPU and 14Gb of RAM.

It seems that I’ll have to dedicate almost my whole white box.Sponsors, partners, help to get me more hardware…! -:)

There is in total Five virtual appliances!

  • VMware Horizon Workspace Configurator (1vCPU; 1Gb RAM)
  • VMware Horizon Workspace Manager (2vCPU; 4Gb RAM)
  • VMware Horizon Workspace Connector (2vCPU; 4Gb RAM)
  • VMware Horizon Workspace Data (2vCPU; 4Gb RAM)
  • VMware Horizon Workspace Gateway (1vCPU; 1Gb RAM)

The VMware Horizon Workspace Reviewer’s Guide also provides different exercises which are helpful for the setup, and also after the initial setup of each of the appliance there are additional excercises (with screenshots) where you’re able to do different admin tasks or additional add-on installations.

You can find the VMware Horizon Workspace Reviewer’s Guide (PDF) here.

The Horizon Workspace appliance does not include VMware View 5.2 or VMware Mirage 4.0 products, which has to be downloaded separately. Those products are GA also.

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