Horizon View 5.2 HTML 5 Access by using VMware Blast – My HD Video

I’ve been testing the View 5.2 HTML 5 Access which is possible thanks to VMware Blast component. I was able to access the View 5.2 desktops through a web browser only. My laptop has Windows 7 installed as a system, but you can use any other device or OS with HTML 5 compatible browser to do that.

The visual experience is very good, but using the view client software gives best experience. You’ll be able to compare both possible access in the video. In case you missed my article about the whole architecture and full details of the Horizon Suite – read here (View 5.2, Mirage 4.0, Workspace 1.0). Horizon View 5.2 is the name for VMware View now, and it becomes one module of the whole suite Horizon Suite.

VMware Horizon View 5.2No significant changes since View 5.1 concerning the deployment options. There is still necessary to use Windows server for the connection server part, but it’s possible now to use vCenter Server Appliance together with VMware View.

The VMware Blast component has two parts:

  • server part – installed on the view connection server
  • client part – installed inside of the OS of the view desktops (x32 and x64 package)

Windows 8 has been announced as a supported OS through VMware View 5.2, even if it’s still too early to any mass adoptions to VDI projects in the enterprise. But VDI projects are on the way and support for Windows 8 is logical evolution.

Here is my HD Video I’ve done in my lab. Note that the video is best viewed in Full screen mode.

The view connection server and composer server (which is also vCenter in my case) has to have a valid certificate (since View version 5.1).

Read more about Horizon Suite:

The VMware Horizon Workspace should come out in March 2013.

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  1. Luca Chichiarelli (@lchichiarelli) says

    Hi Vladan,

    I’m evaluating Horizon Suite, where I can find the Blast installer? I can’t find it in the Vmware website…

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