What’s the Required ports for VMware VDP?

VMware VDPVMware VDP as a solution, when deployed in firewalled environment, needs some ports to be opened in order to function properly. Here is a list of ports that are used by vSphere Data Protection (VDP) 5.1. Note that there are some ports that are used in the VDP VDP advanced. Those are ports 28001 and 29000. (two last rows).

The VDP product is bundled with vSphere Essentials Plus and higher VMware licensing packages. The VDP advanced is product which can be ordered separately. VDP advanced has more features, can backup more VMs, and has agents to backup Exchange or SQL VMs too….

I’ve already reported on the differences between VDP Standard and VDP advanced in my article here. You can also check my article on how this product compares to other products for backup and DR of VMware environments.

Find the ports which are necessary for VDP appliances to work:
Port Protocol Source Destination Purpose
22 TCP User VDP ssh (for debugging)
53 UDP VDP DNS server DNS
80 TCP User VDP http
111 TCP, UDP VDP ESXi/ESX rpcbind
443 TCP User VDP https
700 TCP VDP, LDAP Active Directory Loginmgr tool
7778 TCP vCenter VDP VDP, RMI
7779 TCP vCenter VDP VDP, RMI
8509 TCP vCenter VDP Tomcat AJP Connector
8543 TCP User VDP Redirect for Tomcat
8580 TCP vCenter VDP VDP Downloader
9443 TCP vCenter VDP VDP Web Services
27000 TCP VDP vCenter Licensing communication
28001 TCP MS App Client VDP Advanced Client software(Exchange or SQL agent)*
29000 TCP MS App Client VDP Advanced Client software(Exchange or SQL agent)*

VDP installation and planning can be tricky, since you must plan ahead when sizing the repositories. I’ve done a series of articles which might help out with the process.

VMware VDP Setup and configuration.

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Source: Required ports for vSphere Data Protection 5.1

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