Advertising on ESX Virtualization can give you a good opportunity to boost to your website or bring your company into the spotlight. The ESX Virtualization website has become one of the references, how-to and technical websites oriented on virtualization and disaster recovery solutions. It’s been voted #15 TOP vBlog 2014 at which is pretty awesome considering it as an independent source of virtualization.

The Ad campaigns starts every quarter with minimum duration of three months. During this time the partner has the possibility to test several Ads on chosen spot. For details on Ad spots, availability and pricing of the advertising spots you can contact me and I’ll send you our Media Kit 2014.

Other Services

Sponsored Reviews  – A 500+ words sponsored review of your website or product written by me with at least 2 deep links to your website. It will appear on the front page of the website in the Reviews category. Pricing usually depends on the complexity of the product to review etc. There will be a small disclaimer at the bottom of the review to inform the readers that the article was being sponsored.

Examples of sponsored reviews:

Paid Plug Post – Partner can order a Paid Plug which is essentially an entire post on our blog written by a partner to advertise service or product. The integration is done into the “Featured Sites” category on the Front Page, where the slider is. The slider is present on every single post or page. The website has over 1500 unique articles.

The post will stay online lifetime. Please note that there will be a small disclaimer at the bottom of the post explaining that this is a paid plug and is not necessarily endorsed by myself.

Some examples of the “Paid Plug” Posts:

A maximum of 800 words, 3 links and 3 images ( Max width/height 460 pixels ).

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