Free Tool for Nested ESXi Labs – ESXi Mac Learning dvFilter


There is a free utility called ESXi MAC learning dvFilter released by VMware Labs last week. This utility is provided as a VIB and installs on the physical ESXi host, not on the virtual ESXi hosts. I learned about it by reading posts from William Lam and Andreas Peetz. ESXi Mac Learning dvFilter is kind of [...]

EVO: RAIL Demo Video – VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


Before VMworld I have assisted to VMware EVO: RAIL presentation. VMware Hyper-Converged infrastructure presentation video wasn’t available to the public until today, when Duncan Epping has published the video done by Dave Shanley. So here is EVO: RAIL Demo Video. VMware EVO:RAIL has been demoed during VMworld and I have also published a details, together with [...]

Cool video – VMware Horizon 6 3D Performance with vDGA

3D performance on a vDGA enabled Horizon desktop

I really liked this demo video showing the peformance of vDGA inside of a VDI desktop using Horizon 6. This video was produced by Rory Clements, from the End User Computing BU at VMware. Very impressive and realistic. He speaks quite fast, but he shows off nicely the integration and configuration of the Nvidia card, [...]

PernixData FVP Introduces new features: In-Memory, NFS, Network compression and Topology awareness


New features has been announced by PernixData during SFD5 event. If you don’t know PernixData and their FVP technology you should check this post – PernixData FVP in my lab. In short, PernixData FVP Technology is using kernel module. It’s not a VM acceleration appliance. You just have to install a local SSDs or PCIe flash [...]

Configuration of a 16 node Virtual SAN cluster with the vSphere Distributed Switch – Video

Select network adapters - wizard

There is new video at VMware showing the configuration of a 16 node Virtual SAN cluster with vDS (vSphere distributed switch). If you have missed the VSAN announcement and not using VDS so far because of the enterprise plus entry ticket, you might read the announce from VSAN launch which says that VSAN has the VDS option in. [...]