Configuration of a 16 node Virtual SAN cluster with the vSphere Distributed Switch – Video

Select network adapters - wizard

There is new video at VMware showing the configuration of a 16 node Virtual SAN cluster with vDS (vSphere distributed switch). If you have missed the VSAN announcement and not using VDS so far because of the enterprise plus entry ticket, you might read the announce from VSAN launch which says that VSAN has the VDS option in. […]

Upgrading vCenter Server using Simple Install


VMware vSphere allows using simple install for upgrading from 5.0 and 5.1 installations. VMware has published a new video of  Upgrading vCenter Server using Simple Install, walking through the steps. The vCenter Server 5.0 uses default values in this video for: SSO site name HTTPS port Installation directory If in your environment you’re using custom values […]

VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) 5.8 Installation Video


VMware has released vCOPS 5.8 which now allows bringing in Hyper-V and AWS together with vSphere.  A truly multi-platform support. I have written a detailed article about what’s new in vCOPS 5.8 already when it was officially announced during VMworld Barcelona 2013, so I won’t go into much details here. You can read the article […]

16 vCPU VMs for Fault Tolerance

VMware FT for Multiprocessor VMs

How cool it is to have 16vCPU in a VM for Fault Tolerance? I remember when first introduced, FT had the same magic as vMotion. But limitations to 1vCPU VMs and other limitations concerning backups were factors that this feature is not widely uses, even if the configuration at the vSphere level is minimal. For […]