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VMware monitoring tools and freebies. The best of Free Tools for VMware and monitoring tools for virtual infrastructure, including backup products. They are free, because usually you can upgrade to get even more functions. Those Free VMware Monitoring Tools are the essentials that VMware admins can use and implement for free when managing virtual infrastructures running VMware. Many of them has been awarded during VMworld. Some of those tools can manage Hyper-V, Xen or Windows environments.


Virtual Health MonitorVirtual Health Monitor – Multi Hypervisor, can span multiple datacenters or hosts. No number of hosts limitations or VMs limitation.  The Virtual Health Monitor is Free Download and use product. Packaged as single Virtual Appliance. Completely agent-less solution. It uses the “same engine” as the full product VMturbo Operations Manager 4.0, When you download the product, it automatically downloads the full 30 days trial where you can test all the features.



VeeamZip - Free Backup Tool for VMware and Hyper-VVeeam Backup Free Edition v8 (New)  : Also called VeeamZIP .  Can do full backups of single VM at a time of  VMware ESX/ESXi environment. Don’t do incrementals, or replications, like the full product does. Can copy file from one ESX to another.

Useful for archiving VMs, (has some great compression ratio – read my post and see the video here), You can also transport archived VMs to the DR site with an USB drive etc…. Download Veeam Backup Free Edition here.

VEEAM Monitor -  Free product for monitoring Virtual Infrasctructure running VMware vSphereVeeam ONE Free = Veeam Reporter + Veeam Monitor + Veeam Business View. Get it hereFull data collection, multi-user support, and Microsoft SQL Server backend. There are no limits on the number of hosts, virtual machines (VMs), users or the size of your archive — you can discover, document and analyze your entire virtual infrastructure, and maintain a complete history of all objects, settings and changes.


Nakivo Backup and ReplicationNakivo Backup and Replication – Quite new company, but already version 5 of their product! They also have completely free version or if you are VMUG member, VMware vExpert, VCP, VSP, VTSP, or VCI you can receive a FREE two-socket Not For Resale (NFR) license of NAKIVO Backup & Replication for your home or work lab.

I published several articles about Nakivo. Check out the latest one here which talks about their latest addition – Flash VM Boot feature allowing to recover VMs directly from backup repository.

PowerShell Audit and Patch Installation

PoshPAIG – free utility called PoshPAIG (PowerShell Audit Installation GUI) is developed and maintained by Boe Prox at Download from the product page. The tool allows you to Audit installed patches, Install patches remotely. The possibility to export the results to CSV files is also included. This very interesting feature for doing PowerShell Audit and Patch Installation on windows server systems, where you need to gather a list of patches deployed etc. You can also remote – reboot the managed servers. Read my article on how-to install and use this tool here.


For vSphere 5.x –  vCenter Certificate Automation Tool 1.0.1

vCenter Certificate Automation Tool

 – command line tool called vCenter Certificate Automation Tool 1.0.1 which enables you to automate the deployment of certificates for different vCenter components like SSO, vCenter, View Connection server etc… The tool does provide automation of deployment, but does not manage the actual generation of SSL certificates, which needs to be done through other methods. It does not deploy certificates for using in ESXi hosts, the tool manage (deploy, replace) certificates in vCenter components only. Download the SSL Certificate Automation Tool. Other Links:

Generating certificates for use with the VMware SSL Certificate Automation Tool  and Deploying and using the SSL Certificate Automation Tool.

Free VMware ToolsFree vWorkspace Destkop Optimizer by Quest – a very nice freeware which helps to optimize different settings of Virtual desktops or VMs running inside of VMware Workstation too… -:). This tiny application comes with XML file where one can make it’s own personalization too… When tested with Windows 7 clean install, non optimized, the test showed some huge benefits of such an optimization. The optimizations applied by the Quest vWorkspace Desktop Optimizer the IOPS – both read and write – were reduced by more than 90% in test environment. Up to 10% of RAM savings together with up to 37% of CPU less (the tests were done with no users logged in). You can get this tool from Quest for Free.

VMware OS Optimization ToolVMware OS Optimization tool - The tool has been newly updated. It’s fast utility which can optimize different settings which slowing down the VDI desktops when using default settings only. Many services, registry settings, schedulled tasks etc….

The latest release has updated templates for Windows 7/8 – based on VMware’s OS Optimization Guide, New templates for Windows 2008/2012 RDSH servers for use as a desktop, Single portal EXE design for ease of deployment and distribution, Combination of Remote and Local tools into one tool, Better template management, with built in and user-definable templates, Results report export feature. Various bug fixes, usability enhancements, and GUI layout updates. Get your copy of VMware Os Optimization utility here.


vCenter Support Assistant 5.1

vCenter Support Assistant – free download from VMware product page here. Not only you can use this product to create and fill support requests, but also to generate and collect logs with direct upload capability. vCenter support assistant 5.1 is available is virtual appliance, which gets deployed from OVF file.  Two types of support requests are available through the product:

  • Support requests
  • Feature requests (for products you have entitlements)

One Click Restore - sits in the trayFree Backup Tool for Desktop OS -  One Click Restore software from Keriver is able to do a full, incremental or differential images of the underlying OS. If you look for a tool which provide some kind of central management console, this is not the tool you should be looking for. It’s rather simple tool for few individual desktops. In the past I’ve been using the well known names like Norton Ghost or Acronis, which are long time being on the market, but today I stumbled through this too and I thought that it’s worth sharing…

VDI Calculator - Free too for sizing VDI infrastructuresVDI calculator - VDI calculator allows is used for VDI projects for sizing and calculating VDI environments. This tool which was previously Flash based online tool, can be now executed offline, without internet connection. Provided as a free tool online, by Andre Leibovici  – . It helps to do a calculations concerning the sizing of your VMware View Infrastructure.  The VDI calculator is targeted for VMware View designs, however you can use the tool  for any VDI running on top of vSphere infrastructure. The latest update includes the metrics for VMware Storage Accelerator – Content Read Based Cache (CRBC).


Xangati for vSphere FREEXangati For vSphere - “Update:this tool is no longer free. Unique capapability of real time monitoring. It’s a virtual appliance for one ESX(i) host, but you can deploy one xangati per host if you wish. You have a possibility to fully configure of What you See on the dashboard, even if the appliance comes up with 3 different modes already pre-configured. The very popular DVR recording feature stays present and in addition, in the paid version this recording starts automatically when a performance hit will trigger a real-time alert.  This feature can also be coupled with VMware vCenter alarms. Xangati for vSphere can be found here.  You can also read my Detailed Review I’ve done on Xangati’s product here.


Starwind Virtual SAN and Hyper-V Free

Starwind Virtual SAN – Free version (limited to 2 hosts). The free version of Starwind Virtual SAN offers some good possibilities : Data Deduplication, Unlimited storage capacity & unlimited number of supported concurrent iSCSI connections. Full Production use is allowed. Caching –  a multi-level cache mechanism can use gigabytes of RAM and converts it into extremely fast level 1 write-back or write-through cache. Continuous Data Protection and Snapshots that are completely compatible with VSS (Volume Snapshot Services).  iSCSI boot is fully supported with iSCSI boot capable NIC.  Download your copy of Starwind Virtual SAN.

Check out my articles How-to setup Starwind Virtual SAN in Free Hyper-V 2012 R2 part 1 and part 2.

power-shell-plusPowerShell Plus 4.7 – professional tool from Idera. There is a free tool from Idera which has appeared recently on my radar, and even if I’m not a PowerShell guru, this tool might make me “like” the PowerShell thingy a bit more than usually. Read my detailed article about PowerShell Plus 4.7 here. Download Free PowerShell Plus 4.7 here.


Core configurator 2.0 - GUI tool for Windows Server 2008R2Core Configurator 2.0 – free config tool for Windows Server 2008R2 Core – works with Windows Server 2008R2 x64 core only.  The tool is provided as an ISO, so to run the Core Configurator 2.0 just mount the ISO and  run Start_CoreConfig.wsf. Here is the link to the developper’s page:


Pre-Upgrade Check - VMware vSphere UpgradevCenter Pre-Upgrade Checker – The VMware vCenter Pre-Upgrade Checker not only detects problems, but also miss-configuration and can avoid performance problems after the upgrade. The tool produces as an output single zip file. Inside of this zip file there is the database signature file and also the message log from running the upgrade checker tool.

AOMEI PE builderAOMEI PE Builder – Supported on Windows 7/8 based systems (x32 or x64) but also on Windows Server 2008/2012 based systems. The server platform support is good thing in case that you’re system administrator and maintaining physical server boxes.

It allows to create Win PE bootable environment without installing Microsoft WAIK. The tool has also some built-in tools and additionally you can add your own utilities very easy which gets exported in the final ISO.

Note:  You can install it only on Win 7/8 (not 8.1) or server 2008/2012 (not R2). But once created you can use it to boot systems from windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/8.1 and Server 2000/2003/12008/2012…. Product page. Online DepotV-Front Online Depot for ESXi software – Provided by Andreas Peetz from . Allows to use PowerCLI or VUM to install Add-ons and patches to your ESXi hosts.

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone  – This is a free tool from VMware that everybody knows. Use converter to do P2V conversions, adjust Virtual disk size during V2V conversions, change from Thick to thin … See how to shrink VMDK size in my post here.  You can check my post on How-to disable the SSL to speed up the conversion process. If you have many VMs to convert, want to speed up the conversions by disabling SSL via script. Check out this post from Brian. From v. 5.0 of Converter, there is the possibility of alignment of converted VMs on a destination datastore.  You VMware Cold Clone ISO 3.0.3can gain up to 30% in performance. See my post on it here. It can be used as “Poor man’s DR solution” . It’s the same version which is bundled with vSphere Essentials, Essentials Plus or higher versions of VMware vSphere. In case you need the Cold clone ISO – you can get it from my Dropbox Folder. Don’t have dropbox for yourself? Get one now with 5Gigs of free space.

VMware PlayerVMware Player - VMware Player 6.0 is great for doing some demos or testing. It luck a lot of features from VMware Workstation like snapshots, connection to the vSphere infrastructure and many others,  but I like to use it because it’s very lightweight and handy and the recent features like unity are really great… You can have your VM in the background and the windows and programs executing inside this VM are “in front”. The unity mode is just signaled by an red icon on the window. You will not see the VM player windows floating on your desktop, but the applications.

RVTools – Quick inventory can be done with this free tool from Rob de Veij. It’s a small msi package which after installation can list information about cpu, memory, disks, nics, cd-rom, floppy drives, snapshots, VMware tools, ESX hosts and datastoresDownload RV Tools from here. The latest version is 3.7 and it’s been released recently. Pretty useful to quickly gather different informations about your infrastructure.

vSphere Mini MonitorvSphere Mini Monitor – free monitoring tool for VI running under vSphere. If you’re more than one administrator of your vCenter, with this tools you can see what the others are doing. It does monitor a large number of changes to multiple objects within the vCenter environment. See my post about vSphere Mini monitor here.


Trilead VM Explorer : VM Explorer is a backup tool and replication tool, which is licensed per site. (not per CPU Socket). You can connect easily to your existing infrastructure under vSphere 5 . Older version of vSphere are also supported. My Full review of the product can be found here: Trilead VM Explorer 4.0 review.

SSH client Putty - free tool to manage VMware Hypervisor ESXi 4.1Putty is used for remote SSH to the VMware ESX service console and Linux servers or desktops. Putty is one of the “classic tools”. Everybody knows putty…. there is also putty portable you can carry around on your USB stick. You can download Putty Here and Putty portable here.

sfvAlarms - Free GUI utility for impor and export vCenter alarmssvfAlarms –  By chance I stumbled through this free GUI utility called svfAlarms, which enables you toimport and export vCenter Alarms. There are some 37 default alarms in vCenter 4, 55 default alarms in vCenter5 and 61 default alarms in vCenter5.1 Alarm definitions can be fairly complex and to manage and document alarms, duplicate them across multiple vCenter installations and also to keep a managed state can be time consuming for administrators. The sfvAlarms utility can help simplify the alarm management task. Read my post or Download the utility.

ESXi customizerESXi Customizer – user-friendly GUI tool from Andreas Peetz, that automates the process of customizing the ESXi install-ISO with drivers that are not originally included. Unlike other scripts and manuals that are available for this purpose ESXi Customizer runs entirely on Windows and does not require any knowledge of or access to Linux. Read my detailed post or download the tool.

AD Tidy ToolFind inactive computer accounts in Active Directory – AD Tidy Tool – After running a report tool which brings results, you can select the desired records and do some actions, like disabling, moving, adding/removing to/from groups etc. You can also set expiration data on objects.

The tool uses powerful filtering options and can do a lot of actions. You can also build your own action sequences or export pie charts. The creator of this tool is Chris Wright from the UK.

Enjoy… -:)

Free Datacenter Stencils by VMturboFree Stencils

One of my partners, VMturbo, just let me know that they got Free DataCenter Stencils to download (registration is required). You can check it out here. Those datacenter stencils are available in two formats:

  • Microsoft Visio
  • Omnigraphle


VMware Goodies !

VMware Posters !!!

VMware Network port diagram – get it from this page.

vSphere 5.5 ESXTOP poster quick overview for troubleshooting.

ESXi 5.5 ESXTOP Quick Reference for TroubleshootingAndreas Lesslhumer over at has an updated version of his vSphere 5.5 ESXTOP quick reference PDF poster.

I blogged about the poster in my article when it first came out, and now it’s been updated for ESXi 5.5. Get your copy.

VMware vSphere 5 Memory Management and Monitoring diagram explains not only the four principal memory management techniques that vSphere 5 uses.

Memory Management in vSphere 5

The video which is part of the KB article will walks you through ESXTOP utility to show you where to find the different memory metrics and what they’re for. Also you’ll find out about the vSphere memory reclamation techniques (with animations) and how they work.

I’m sure that you have already seen the diagrams like those and I’m sure that you recognize the author – Hany Michael who works for VMware -:). Get your copy.